Liveo’s Drug Package Development Learning Lab - AM Session

Sponsored by: Liveo Research

Focused on:

  • Drug Package Development

Date: 17 November


Time: 09:00 am Germany / 04:00 pm Singapore

Learn the Science of Achieving Drug Stability with Decreased Package Development Time, Risk and Cost

Learn how to save critical pharma packaging development time and resources and increase drug stability knowledge. Attend Liveo’s Learning Lab Webinar to see how a Quality-By-Design approach on drug stabilization and scientific data can quickly and accurately identify the proper package to meet shelf life and climatic requirements and avoid costly and time-consuming pitfalls.

Liveo Research, a leading global pharmaceutical blister packaging materials provider, is renowned for its innovative and scientific pharma packaging development services that save manufacturers time and money with NDA, ANDA and clinical trial packaging decisions. Liveo’s Learning Lab will walk you through the steps necessary to determine the optimum packaging materials for your specific drug product. They’ll show you how to identify the perfect barrier to protect your drug through multiple global distribution and climatic environments without overpackaging. You’ll learn how you can avoid costly multiple trial and error stability studies and accurately identifying drug’s environmental sensitivity and protection requirement through forced degradation studies and blister design modelling, pinpointing failure points before it happens on expensive stability studies, or even worse, after product launch. Liveo’s Learning Lab will also demonstrate how to make changes to existing drug packages easily and efficiently through scientifically supported decision making.

Attend Liveo’s Learning Lab to:
• Understand that packaging is drug formulation specific, avoiding the danger of a “one-size-fits-all” packaging philosophy or mimicking innovator packages
• Learn how to identify the perfect package out of huge array of potentially incorrect materials, quickly and cost-efficiently before starting expensive stability studies
• Reduce the time and expense of qualifying drug product barrier requirements
• Eliminate over-engineering and over-packaging
• Avoid the trial and error method of conventional stability studies through scientific data driven evaluation
• Decrease product launch cycle by eliminating months or years of repeated stability studies
• Determine packaging suitability for multiple Climatic zones IV b
• Scientifically confirm product protection on packaging material changes without stability studies
• Significantly reduce risk of post-launch/market failure

You’ve put a lot into your drug product, see how partnering with Liveo and its scientifically based, in-depth packaging research can remove the worry about the outside. Your partners at Liveo will assist to:
• shorten packaging development time
• eliminate trial and error stability studies
• reduce the need to overpackage and increase long-term materials savings
• prevent under-packaging which may lead to after-sales quality issues and drug recalls
• decrease risk of stability study failure and time loss
• increase product safety

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Presented by

Katharina Vogel,

Packaging Solutions & Technical Key Account Manager

Katharina Vogel studied chemical-engineering at University of Applied Science in Germany and began her career with Liveo Research as Technical Service Manager, Europe. In this role Ms. Vogel concentrated on pharmaceutical blister packaging solutions that met and exceeded pharmaceutical customer needs and stability requirements. As Liveo’s Head of Packaging Solutions, she has had responsibility for business development of Liveo Research’s distinctive service portfolio, including Liveo Optima, Liveo FastPack®, profiling and other value-added lab services. Ms. Vogel’s responsibilities grew to Global Technical Key Account Management and currently she serves as the Liveo Research global technical service team lead.

Ajith Nair, Ph.D.,

Senior Vice President Packaging Solutions - Global PPI

Dr. Ajith Nair has dedicated the last 20 years of his 30 years of industrial research experience to the development of innovative methods improving drug stabilization process. His experience also includes extensive work on extending FDA recommended QbD Process to the drug stabilization process. He is the inventor of the first scientific packaging development and sensitivity profiling method for solid oral drugs known as Liveo Optima.
He established and managed two world-class R&D centers in Singapore and USA. These centers focus on providing professional packaging research services to the pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Nair holds 14 patents and 10 scientific publications. He has an MS in Physical and Polymer Chemistry and a PhD in Surface Chemistry.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Make accurate packaging materials selections based on scientific data and research, eliminating need for multiple stability studies
  • Liveo’s science based packaging decision process reduces risk of failure and increases product safety
  • Partnerning with Liveo and its scientific packaging research provides pharma. manufacturers with not only the proper materials, but the added confidence of product performance and regulatory support
  • Liveo Research is a knowledgeable, experienced reliable extension to pharma. manufacturing product development teams


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