Improving Efficiency in Media and Buffer Production

Sponsored by: ILC Dover

Focused on:

  • Biologics Manufacturing
  • Liquid Media
  • Buffers

Date: 18 October


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Enabling You To Get To Market Rapidly

The industry is moving to large scale biologics manufacturing, straining the way things have always been done. The transition from liquid media and buffers in Phase 2-3 can lead to headaches as you ramp up manufacturing. Using our modern single-use powder handling solutions cuts significant time off of Biologics manufacturing.

This webinar will help you to understand the challenges in moving from Phase 2 to Manufacturing. In Phase 1 and 2 liquid media and buffer are easy. As production starts ramping up, too much space is taken up, liquids have shorter expiry dates and shipping liquid is expensive.

This has been solved by moving to powdered media and buffer which will be explained in the webinar. There are still challenges to powdered media and buffer such as existing packaging doesn’t work with the process, dangers of uneven distribution of powder as well as open manway charging risks contamination. In comes our EZ BioPacs® and the efficiencies in using these bags. These bags are designed specifically for powder transfer and containment, fits in your process, no worries about contamination or extra cleaning validations and made with an established industry wide validated film, ArmorFlex®.

Modern single-use solutions get you to market rapidly.

Presented by

Dave Howes,

Regional Sales Manager

A seasoned professional Business executive with a Chemical Engineering background and successful track record in delivering results within the national and international manufacturing and aftermarket sectors.

Extensive experience in the commercial development of businesses, with proven expertise in leading and motivating sales teams whilst driving strategy, performance, quality and profitability. Much of this experience has been in the promotion and selling of high value processing equipment from Europe into the Americas and from the Americas around the globe.

Articulate and approachable with high performance standards, comfortable performing at both strategic and operational levels, with a reputation for consistently achieving business objectives.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the challenges in moving from Phase 2 to Manufacturing.
  • Reduce risk of a lost or contaminated batch.
  • Speed up media and buffer production.
  • Better understand new trends in modern single use manufacturing.


  • Facility Manager
  • Upstream pd
  • Tech Transfer
  • Project Manager
  • Materials Manager
  • Quality
  • Director of Manufacturing
  • Director Upstream
  • Director Downstream
  • Site Manager
  • Director of Quality
  • Director of Safety
  • Manufacturing Scientist