Sponsored by: Sartorius

Focused on:

  • Process Intensification

Date: 12 November


Time: 2PM London / 3PM CET / 9AM New York

PAT and perfusion enabled bioreactor tools for rapid development to commercial implementation of Process Intensification

The Biopharma industry is challenged by costs pressures, increasing numbers of low volume products with unpredictable demand and the advent of new less stable molecules, like bi-and multi-specifics that may not always be suitable for production in the standard Fed-Batch platforms.

Flexible, Single-Use manufacturing plants, in combination with process intensification strategies, can deal with these multi-product, multi-modality portfolios and pipelines and are becoming a central part of biomanufacturers’ production infrastructure.

Process Intensification, including (partially) continuous manufacturing does require substantial efforts and new approaches in development and process control during manufacturing.

In this webinar, Sartorius will walk you through the product life cycle using a comprehensive toolbox for the development and implementation of intensified upstream processes. The webinar will first highlight the cell line generation service for perfusion compatible cell lines and media along with high cell density cell banking. Subsequently, capabilities and data will be shared on high -throughput Ambr® perfusion and benchtop perfusion development tools, with integrated PAT tools for highly efficient process design and design space mapping. Subsequently, we will share how your process insight will dramatically increase and your scale-up journey will be made simple, using enhanced software tools in combination with commercial scale stirred tank and rocker bioreactors with integrated perfusion capabilities.

Presented by

Gerben Zijlstra,

Senior Platform Technology Consultant, Segment Marketing Proteins, Sartorius

Gerben is a regular speaker on process intensification, process integration and continuous biomanufacturing. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Wageningen (The Netherlands) in the field of process integration in animal cell culture. He has worked for more than 20 years at the CMO DSM Biologics and has been involved in the development of several commercial Biotherapeutics, as well as innovation projects. He was one of the early adopters of single-use bioreactors and is the first inventor of the Concentrated Fed-Batch-XD® technology, amongst others licensed by Amgen. Gerben was deeply involved in the scale-up and tech transfer of XD® technology to the Brisbane (Australia) site, which later received the 2014 ISPE facility of the year award for process innovations. Subsequently, as a Consultant at Xendo, Gerben has been working on several Continuous BioManufacturing as well as Gene Therapy projects. Since end of 2016 he has joined the Sartorius Marketing Team, where he currently holds a position as Senior Platform Technology Consultant.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Find out more about new approaches in development and process control for intensified process manufacturing
  • See how a perfusion enabled toolbox with integrated PAT can simplify your process intensification journey
  • Discover the most efficient ways to implement upstream Process Intensification to satisfy your process needs
  • Understand how selection and optimization of cell line and media using high throughput tools would save your development time


  • Head Of Manufacturing
  • Head of Research and Process Development
  • Project Managers
  • Process Development Scientists
  • Procurement
  • Manufacturing Engineers
  • Cell Culture Development Scientist