How to Take Back Control of Your Global Labeling Processes

Sponsored by: Loftware

Focused on:

  • Global Labelling Process
  • Labelling System

Date: 7 December


Time: 2PM London/3PM CET

Hear how one company boosted efficiency by 25% and reduced resources by 30%

The challenge of managing your labeling processes across a global landscape is daunting. You face pressure to optimize resources and improve labeling efficiency while at the same time ensuring regulatory compliance and enabling traceability.

Join Loftware for this webinar that will outline how one leading organization overcame labeling challenges for over 350,000 life science products, across 59 manufacturing sites around the world.

By implementing an Enterprise Labeling solution this organization has been able to reduce costs, improve labeling efficiency, rationalize independent labeling systems across their organization and deliver standardization with one global enterprise labelling system.

Register to join us for this short webinar and learn how one organization was able to:

• Standardize on one global enterprise labeling system

• Consolidate various data sources, including non-SAP sources, onto its labels

• Reduce costs and resources by 30% required to manage labeling process

• Boost labeling efficiency by 25%, especially with so many small batch print jobs

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Presented by

Günther Martin,

Life Sciences and Chemicals Specialist, EMEA

As Senior Account Executive at Loftware, Guenther Martin is responsible for revenue for development in key vertical industries including Life Sciences. Guenther has more than 15 years of experience driving sales within top technology companies worldwide while building strategic, high-level relationships with customers and partners.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Learn how one leading global organization transformed their labeling processes, reduced costs, and drove efficiency
  • Learn how integrating labeling with sources of truth, including your ERP system, allows you to unlock value
  • Reduce costs and resources required to manage labeling processes by 30%
  • Understand the benefits of adopting an Enterprise Labeling solution across a complex global landscape


  • Labelling specialist
  • Regulatory affairs
  • CEO
  • Director global labelling
  • Supply chain director
  • VP logistics
  • Head of compliance
  • C-level
  • Clinical trial manager
  • Global labelling director
  • Packaging manager
  • Packaging engineer
  • VP of research and development