Extracting Clinical Research Data From the EHR Using SMART on FHIR

Sponsored by: OmniComm Systems, Inc.

Focused on:

  • Clinical Research
  • Electronic Health Record

Date: 9 October


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Clinical research is probably the last industry on the planet where data can only be moved from one computer system to another by typing it in again. Why can’t the requisite data be extracted automatically from the patient’s Electronic Health Record? For years, this has been deemed impossible for a variety of technical, regulatory and patient privacy reasons.

However, with the advent of a new architecture called SMART and a new communications protocol called FHIR, the automatic extraction of data from the EHR is now eminently feasible.

Join us for a webinar to understand this ground-breaking new technology and what it means for the future of Clinical Data Management.

Presented by

Kim Rejndrup,

Senior Vice President Development

Kim Rejndrup, senior vice president – Product Development, is helping drive OmniComm’s products to new levels of innovation. Mr. Rejndrup spent nearly 20 years at Oracle Corporation, where he was a vice president of Development for many clinical research applications, including systems for electronic data capture (EDC), clinical trials management, data management, medical coding and data warehousing.

Keith Howells,

Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Howells has served as the Company’s chief technology officer since June 2017. He served as Senior Vice President of Development from April 2012 until June 2017. He joined OmniComm in January 2011, with responsibility for the development and forward direction of the company’s products.

Mr. Howells has more than 20 years of experience in building and implementing clinical research applications, including five years as head of development for Oracle's pharmaceutical application suite and five years as head of development for Medidata Solutions. This encompasses applications for clinical data management, EDC, medical dictionary coding, safety, trial planning and trial budgeting. Mr. Howells has a degree in physics from Oxford University, England.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand the architecture for a SMART application to transmit data from an EHR System to an EDC System
  • Appreciate the regulatory, patient privacy and security considerations
  • Envisage the changing roles for data management and monitoring in this new era


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