End-to-End Single-Use Downstream Solution for

Sponsored by: Sartorius Stedim Biotech

Focused on:

  • Bio Manufacturing

Date: 1 December


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Sartorius' Combined Batch & Connected Downstream Portfolio

As our serviced industry seeks rapid process development and intensification to service its expanding competitive market, we are looking at how the recently acquired chromatography & tangential flow technologies merge with a flexible multifunctional bioprocessing separation platform. Additionally, we describe the cost effective benefits of imbedding data analysis packages, harmonized smarter single-use sensors, actuators and sustainable plastic fluid management technologies over this downstream and liquid processing platform.

Finally, we outline how our global sites and teams, despite their isolation, are being digitally connected and how we remain committed to serving all global regions with our single-use expertise and timely operational excellence.

We invite you to listen to how this change further distinguishes Sartorius' position as a leader in single-use bioprocessing and as a pioneer in cost-effective, sustainably produced therapies.

Presented by

Stuart Tindal,

Product Manager: Flexact Platform

Stuart is an organic chemist upskilled to a biochemical process engineer and process analytical technology subject matter expert for the bioprocess industry. He is from Scotland but relocated to other European countries over the past few years and is now currently residing in Goettingen, Germany. Stuart has worked in the technical and commercial field of bioprocess technology for the past 14 years. He gained 9 years of technical sales & marketing experience in single-use automation/sensors and process analytical technologies and now works as a Product Manager for Sartorius Stedim Biotech GmbH. Prior to that, he gained 5 years of biochemical engineering experience in form of a process development scientist and biochemical engineering doctorate work.

David Johnson,

Head of Chromatography Systems

David Johnson has recently joined Sartorius as part of the acquisition of the Pall Chromatography technologies. He has over 20 years experience in the biotechnology field with particular focus on chromatography. Currently David is the head of the Sartorius chromatography systems product management team.

Franziska Ahlborn,

Product Management Support

Franziska is part of Product Management Separation. By joining Sartorius in 2018 she kicked-off her career in the biotechnology industry. Franziska started to focus on downstream processing and separation technologies in early 2020. She earned her M.Sc. degree in Strategic Management from the Georg-August University Göttingen in October 2019. Her heart and soul lie in customer-centric, and holistic business development as well as improvement approaches.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the application of Sartorius’ downstream technologies toolbox
  • Benefits of applying single-use platform technologies
  • Debottlenecking the process intensification cascade to downstream
  • Sartorius’ downstream processing capabilities for clinical & commercial scales.


  • Scientific Application Director
  • Senior Application Specialist
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Head of Upstream Manufacturing
  • Head of Downstream Manufacturing
  • Automation Lead
  • Automation Engineer
  • Principle Scientist
  • Development Engineer
  • Director of R&D
  • Head of Upstream Development
  • Head of Downstream Development
  • Process Development Engineer
  • VP of Clinical Development
  • GMP Production Lead
  • Scientist
  • Technical Directors
  • Technical Manager