Drug development for start-ups and emerging pharma (Part 2 of 2)

Sponsored by: Recipharm

Focused on:

  • Drug Development
  • Drug Substance
  • Pharmaceutical

Date: 24 March


Time: 3PM London/11AM New York

From drug proof of concept (POC) to launch

The drug development for start-ups and emerging pharma webinar is the second of a two part series covering the development steps from proof of concept (POC) to launch.

A drug development project is performed over several years and involves many different experts. For a small organisation, it is vital to choose the right partners, plan carefully and ensure effective communication to reduce risks.

During this webinar, Recipharm’s experts will discuss the pharmaceutical development process from POC through to launch and the key considerations that need attention throughout the process.

Many start-up company’s business strategy involves an exit after POC, nevertheless a thorough understanding of late stage development is necessary to maximise the value of the product and to avoid expensive mistakes the could cause problems further down the line. This means it is essential to start your pharmaceutical development program with the end product in mind.

During this webinar our speakers will cover the development process for clinical trial material, scale up, validation, tech transfer and manufacturability.

You can register for part two of the series here.

Presented by

Torkel Gren,

PhD, Senior Director, Technology Officer & Strategic Investments

Torkel is Senior Director Technology Officer & Strategic Investments. He holds degrees in Pharmacy and Business Administration as well a PhD in Pharmaceutics (Uppsala University). He has worked in the pharmaceutical industry since 1988 and has held a number of scientist and manager positions in Europe and the US. He was lead formulator and co-inventor of Detrol OD/Detrusitol SR. Torkel is vice chairman of the board of the Swedish Pharmaceutical Society.

Aaron Small,

Vice President- Global Development Sales

Aaron Small is Vice President Global Development Sales at Recipharm. He holds a BSBA degree in Marketing and a MBA and has been a part of Recipharm since 2011. During his time in Recipharm he has contributed to business development activities for both development and manufacturing services. In addition Aaron has been a part of brand development and deployment for the North American market.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Get a clear view of the important steps of drug development from proof of concept until launch
  • How to reduce risks in the development process
  • Understand the time line and critical steps
  • Importance of having the end product in mind from the start


  • Analytical services - Manager/Director/Head of/VP
  • CMC - Manager/Director/Head of/VP
  • Development - Manager/Director/Head of/VP
  • Formulation development - Manager/Director/Head of/VP
  • Pharmaceutical development - Manager/Director/Head of/VP
  • Chemistry/Medicinal Chemistry - Manager/Director/Head of/VP
  • Founder and CEO
  • Procurement - Manager/Director/Head of/VP
  • CSO
  • COO