Developing Long-Acting Drug Formulation? Be on the Safe Side

Sponsored by: PSL – Powder Systems Limited

Focused on:

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Drug Product Development
  • Drug Product Formulation
  • Drug Therapy

Date: 30 March


Time: 3PM London/4PM CET

Join us to learn how to overcome the drug development challenges associated with the scale-up of your sterile microsphere drug pipeline in your lab and production facilities

Did you know that 50% of the chronic disease patients do not comply with their drug therapy? This has been recognised by WHO (World Health Organisation) to be a major global health problem of ‘striking magnitude’, resulting in poor health outcomes and increased health care costs.

Microsphere depot injections address huge challenges in chronic disease treatment and offer blockbuster potential for pharmaceutical companies. Register today to this webinar to learn more about this exciting area of the pharmaceutical market.

Microsphere or microparticle depot injections are complex drug formulations that combine an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) with a bioresorbable polymer such as PLGA. Microsphere-based injections enable the sustained release of APIs over prolonged periods of time, varying from weeks up to several months.

Join our PSL experts as we talk through the key considerations in early development, scale-up, downstream processing for microsphere-based drug products. We will also introduce you to the most advanced manufacturing innovation as we launch the latest generation of our MicroSphere Refiner technology (MSR).

Whether you are new to the field of microspheres or currently developing a long-acting injectable product, you will benefit from our PSL expertise and learn how you can streamline your microsphere drug product development.

Presented by

Pierre Landais,

Director, Global Business Development

Pierre has been supporting for over 11 years global pharmaceutical drug manufacturers with GMP advice in regards to the common manufacturing challenges associated with the aseptic production and processing of their polymeric microparticle-based drugs. Pierre holds a Master of Engineering degree (MEng) from HEI in France and King’s College London in the UK.

Pierre Landais LinkedIn Profile

Christian Parker,

Director of Engineering

Christian has 12 years of experience in designing innovative process technologies for the pharmaceutical industry. He is a Subject Matter Expert in GMP drug manufacturing and is specialising in industry initiatives such as QbD (Quality-by-Design) and PAT (Process Analytical Technology). Christian is currently leading all design development and technological innovation activities at PSL.

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Key Learning Objectives

  • Introducing microsphere drug products: background & history
  • Production overview: how microsphere drugs are processed and manufactured
  • Industry Innovation: analysis of the latest manufacturing technologies and initiatives
  • Reviewing real-world case studies


  • Formulation Development Scientist / Lead / Head
  • R&D Scientist / Engineer / Director
  • Process Engineer / Manager / Director
  • Production Engineer / Manager / Director