Developing Effective Clinical Supply Chain Strategies Utilizing Forecasting Technology

Sponsored by: Almac Clinical Services

Focused on:

  • Clinical Supply Strategies
  • Forecasting Technology

Date: 9 June


Time: 3PM London / 10AM New York

Discover how Almac partners with pharmaceutical and biotech sponsors to build optimized and efficient supply chains in their upcoming webinar, Developing Effective Clinical Supply Chain Strategies Utilizing Forecasting Technology, presented by Caitlyn Clauss.

Building an effective clinical supply chain that factors in the increasing challenge of getting the necessary drug to the patient in a timely manner has never been so important.

To accommodate the scale and complexity of today’s clinical trials, sponsors require a sophisticated and responsive supply chain that provides agility, speed and control of which accurately forecasting patient need is critical to delivering a successful trial.

The number and complexity of variables affecting supply forecasting has grown to include intricate protocol design (e.g. blinding, variable dosing, cohort expansion), increased costs of investigative and comparator drugs, patient recruitment challenges and increased regulatory requirements.

This webinar will discuss how by leveraging supply forecasting and demand planning technology, sponsors are able to create optimized and flexible supply chain operations while mitigating risk, preventing site stock-outs, reducing waste, and controlling cost.

Presented by

Caitlyn Clauss,

Supply Chain Solutions Manager

Caitlyn Clauss joined Almac in 2015 where she started as a Supply Chain Coordinator providing quality support to Almac’s Supply Chain Managers to ensure successful setup and maintenance of the clinical trial supply chain. Her dedication and hard work shined through as she worked her way up to Supply Chain Solutions Manager. As Supply Chain Solutions Manager, she is responsible for enhancing and supporting the Almac Supply Chain Management consultation service. Her main responsibilities include ensuring cohesive delivery of new services and products, maintaining positive and collaborative partnerships among supply chain stakeholders, development and delivery of training material, and leading improvement efforts to ensure optimal service quality and client experience.

Caitlyn graduated from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science focused in Business Management and Supply Chain Operations. After graduating, Caitlyn gained experience working with clients and knowledge in supply chain roles within the healthcare industry.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand the fundamentals of clinical supply forecasting and the role of technology
  • Learn how forecasting systems are able to transform supply and patient data into real-time actionable insights and drive informed decision making
  • Gain insight into the importance of both control and flexibility in cohort management
  • Identify the critical success factors of demand planning and forecasting as well as ways to improve your end-to-end clinical supply chain strategy


  • Clinical Trial Manager
  • Clinical Research Manager
  • Clinical Director
  • Clinical Manager
  • Clinical Lead
  • Logistics Manager
  • Distribution Manager
  • Director Of Logistics
  • Logistics Management
  • Logistics Operations
  • Head Of Logistics
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Supply Chain Director
  • Manager Supply Management
  • Senior Supply Chain Manager
  • Assistant Manager Supply Chain
  • Supply Logistics Manager
  • Supply Chain Planning Manager
  • Global Supply Chain Manager
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  • Global Logistics Manager
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  • Director Supply Chain Logistics
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  • Clinical Supply Operations Manager