Comprehensive identification and quantitation of Nitrosamine Impurities by HPLC-MS/MS

Sponsored by: Sciex

Focused on:

  • Nitrosamine Impurities
  • Quantitation

Date: 28 April


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Nitrosamine Impurity testing has now become one of the major challenges in the pharma industry with numerous drug products being affected. Since 2018, the scale of the problem to the industry has only grown and appears set to be one of the major analyses of the future to come. Therefore, multiple workflows will be necessary to deal with this issue and ensure that further product recalls are not taken into effect.

This webinar will attempt to cover all of the challenges you face in nitrosamine impurity analysis and give multiple workflows which can be utilised using SCIEX systems. This will specifically include our low level, ultra-specific nitrosamine quantitation using the SCIEX QTRAP 6500+ LC-MS/MS system as well as qualitative compound identification using QTRAP enhanced product ion scan technology and library search functionality. In addition to this low resolution workflow, a high resolution GUCS (general comparative unknown screening) workflow using the SCIEX X500R QTOF system will be showcased with both methods of analysis being able to conform to all of your QC needs.

Join the SCIEX webinar to make sure your products do not contain Nitrosamines.

Presented by

Jack Steed,

Technical Specialist

Technical specialist with substantial experience of the pharma sector. Within the last 5 years my main emphasis has been on small molecule analysis, specialising in high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and high performance liquid chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry (HPLC-MS).

Key Learning Objectives

  • How Mass Spectrometry can cover the challenges in the quantification of Nitrosamines
  • Why extra sensitivity with high accuracy and reproducibility is needed for the reporting of Nitrosamines concentration under compliance environment
  • How QTRAP technology can help you not only in a deep quantification but also in the confirmation of the Nitrosamines you´re quantifying
  • How High Resolution instrumentation together with SWATH acquisition can help you in the characterization of all the Nitrosamines in your samples making easy the risk assessment and the transfer to QC/QA departments


  • (Pl) Scientist
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  • Technician
  • Lab Manager
  • Research
  • Chemical characterization team leader
  • Analytical and chemical development manager
  • Project manager analytical R&D
  • Senior associate principal scientist
  • Departments of: Impurities
  • Toxicology
  • QA/QC
  • Stability tests
  • drug impurity
  • analytical development
  • analytical chemistry
  • Drug Development. R&D
  • Chemical Characterization