Cloud Solution for Early Drug Discovery Data Management

Sponsored by: ChemAxon

Focused on:

  • Cloud Solution
  • Early Drug Discovery

Date: 16 October


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Off the shelf, quick to start & easy to use data management solution for SMEs

We live in the World where information is literally at our fingertips, however, scientists still have to spend a significant amount of time on IT configuration, data gathering and standardization instead of discovering unknown relationships and leads hidden in the data.

We want to present you ChemAxon’s hosted Compound and Assay Data Management package, a user-friendly end-to-end cloud solution for your team members’ and CROs’ needs. Small molecule registration and processed assay data upload readily integrated with reporting tools to provide analyzing capabilities from anywhere, anytime and without a tedious IT setup.

The Compound and Assay Data Management solution:

• Can be easily adjusted and expanded by further ChemAxon applications, or 3rd party tools.
• Standardizes processed assay data from multiple providers.
• Can be integrated with ELN systems to smoothly register your compounds.
• Displays your structure-activity relationships in a grid and form views along with interactive chart visualizations.

Our goal is to support emerging pharma companies not only with the data capture and storage but more importantly with data analysis. Join our webinar and find out how the proper data management can simplify your work and leverage your research.

Presented by

Lenka Cardova,

IT Business Analyst

After gaining a background in organic chemistry Lenka accepted a position within a large pharma
company which revealed her passion for IT Pharma R&D. Therefore, last year she joined Chemaxon's
developers as an IT Business Analyst with a focus on end users communication and understanding of
their business needs.

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Csaba Peltz,

Product Owner of ChemAxon’s Cloud Solutions

Spent 11 years in pharma R&D in the field of mass spectrometry and NMR spectroscopy. Joined ChemAxon 6 years ago in the registration project, then became a product owner of Compound Registration.

In 2017 worked as head of software development at a chemistry CRO company. Recently became a business analyst then product owner of ChemAxon’s cloud solutions. MSc in chemistry and computer sciences, PhD in chemistry in theoretical mass spectrometry.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Introducing an easy to start & use data management solution
  • Learn about the new ChemAxon products


  • Vice President Informatics
  • Associate Director Cheminformatics
  • Director IT
  • LRL Research Dedicated
  • Research Consultant
  • Research Dedicated IT
  • Systems Architect Drug Discovery
  • IT Research
  • Director Research Business Technologies
  • Manager Research Informatics
  • Staff Scientist
  • Scientist I / Scientist II
  • Scientific Group leader