Chewable dosage forms as the best way to overcome consumer's needs like swallowing and good taste: the evolution of oral nutritional delivery.

Sponsored by: Procaps SA

Focused on:

  • Nutraceutical Gummies
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Soft Chewable Supplements

Date: 27 May


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Explore how Softigel and Funtrition by Procaps are addressing today’s needs in terms of health and nutrition through chewable products that offer superior indulgent experiences.

From young to old, consumers are searching for new ways to take their vitamins and supplements. Some have difficulties when swallowing traditional formats such as tablets and hard capsules, others find it hard to stick to a therapy because of the dosage form or packaging of a product. Different types of consumers, lifestyles and nutrition concerns have led to the rising of novel formats in chewable forms gaining popularity today not only among kids, but also teens, adults and seniors. One of the reasons these formats have become so popular, especially with adults these days is because of the increase in “pill fatigue”. An AARP study found that, on average, adults 45 and older said they take four prescription medications daily, as a result, switching to new chewable version of a vitamin or supplement makes them feel as if they aren’t taking so many pills.

As part of the approach of product development consumer and patient-centered, chewable dosage forms for children to elder people are aimed to improve the experience of supplementing vitamins, minerals and other bioactives that have proven health benefits. Chewable soft capsules and gummies join the benefits of soft capsules but allow to explore sensory attributes for a different experience. Working on colors, flavors and shapes the concept looks for an option more familiar and friendly to the patients to increase the treatment adherence and to adapt it to different lifestyles. In contrast, some challenges in organoleptic and stability have been solved with the introduction of new ingredients and new technologies for taste masking and texture enhancement.

In this webinar, Procaps Group, a leading marketer of softgel and related technologies, through its CDMO platforms, Softigel & Funtrition, have joined in a collaborative work to introduce their innovative chewable formats: Chewable Soft Capsules & Gummies technologies, applying knowledge, expertise and formulation robustness approach for the product development in the pharmaceutical and nutritional industry.

From the introduction of chewable formats for nutraceutical supplements, applications, materials, quality attributes, this webinar brings up through a set of case studies some options for developing different chewable products. In the first part, the audience will learn about their advantages and constraints and some concepts and considerations for product development. The final part will show how this knowledge is translated into final products that meet the consumers expectations, increasing value and revenue for many brands around the world.

We invite you to join us in this webinar to get a deeper insight on exploring these innovative options that will become the next generation in the development on chewable formats.

Presented by

Claudia Silva, PhD,

Director of New Pharmaceutical Technologies, Procaps

Claudia Silva is Director of New Pharmaceutical Technologies at Procaps. She leads a formulation team dealing with the innovation projects from the platforms of new processing technologies, delivery systems and materials. Senior researcher with experience on formulation, development and industrial transference for new products, Claudia integrates her background and expertise in rheology of natural hydrocolloids leading the Project Management on new delivery systems, materials, equipment and technologies as innovative proposals. Claudia holds a PhD degree in Food Science and Engineering from the University of Santiago de Compostela and serves as Professor at the University of Atlántico.

Andrea Ocampo,

R&D Director, Fun-trition Platform

An experienced Food Scientist; Andrea has worked across multiple nutrition and food science technologies in her 15+ years of experience. Over the last years she has been focusing on products with nutritional added value as Research and Development Director at Funtrition by Procaps.

Andrea is passionate about science and knowledge; she holds a Magister in Innovation and additional advanced studies in food science. Her core skill is her capacity to inspire and motivate her team into looking for new ways and technologies to create new nutritional and dietary products that make a difference and that are preferred by consumers. Her passion is to have consumers around the world to crave for more products developed under fun-trition´s platform technologies.

She has aimed to take the supplements beyond the basic functionality to a pleasant nutritional experience in every bite. She and her team bring a unique perspective on what a dietary supplements and functional foods must be, helping customers develop and launch exceptional nutritional products globally.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Explore the options to develop chewable soft capsules and gummies considering their sensory attributes such as texture, taste and colors
  • To know different materials for the formulation of chewable supplements
  • To learn how texture is used as a criteria for product development based on consumers preferences as well as for testing products
  • To know some other quality attributes on innovative chewable supplements


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