COVID-19 Vaccines: Shot in the Dark or Pandemic Cure?

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Date: 16 September


Time: 4PM London/11AM New York

An examination of the COVID-19 vaccine contenders and regulatory challenges ahead

COVID-19 Vaccines: Shot in the Dark or Pandemic Cure

In the backdrop of Russia pronouncing its own COVID-19 vaccine ready for prime time and antivaxxers becoming increasingly vocal, GlobalData’s Associate Editor Reynald Castaneda and Senior Analyst Sam Macleod will discuss the various technologies being investigated. They will also discuss the trial data nuances that need consideration to forecast their potential for protection. Given the unprecedented nature of the ongoing pandemic that has resulted in dramatically shorter vaccine development timelines, the expert presentation will also dig into US regulatory obstacles including considerations for Emergency Use Authorization in the US.

Some 23 companies have already moved their vaccines into clinical development, and a further 97 assets are expected to enter trials in 2H. The frontrunners, with vaccines in Phase III, are AstraZeneca, Moderna and BioNTech, with the latter working with Pfizer. Vaccines by CanSino, Sinopharm, Sinovac, Novavax and Inovio are close behind with recent Phase III initiations or planned starts.

With five different vaccine technologies being explored, this expert presentation will dissect the pros and cons for each, particularly in light of recent early data releases and what that means for their registrational trials. The presentation will also dive into the breakneck speed at which development has proceeded and what can be expected in terms of approvals and the ramifications of a hasty decision. We will also discuss the extent to which political pressure could possibly sway what should be an evidence-based process to get a vaccine on the market and widely available.

In this webinar, Jennifer C. Smith-Parker, Senior Editor, will moderate the discussion between Reynald and Sam. Join us to hear the latest news, based on expert interviews, on whether COVID-19 vaccines hav a shot at success and the regulatory challenges they face.

Presented by

Reynald Castaneda,

Associate Editor

Reynald Castaneda, prior to moving to London, was a journalist for healthcare newspaper New Zealand Doctor, covering primary care health politics and medical research. He has a BSc in Biological Sciences from the University of Auckland and a postgraduate diploma in journalism from AUT University. Prior to venturing into journalism, Reynald worked as a laboratory technician for Massey University’s Institute of Molecular Biosciences.

Samuel Macleod,

Senior Editorial Analyst

Senior Editorial Analyst Sam Macleod joined the Insights product in 2017, carrying out business and pipeline analysis in drug development. Sam also produces the Catalyst Monitor report looking at important catalysts occurring in drug development each month. He has a BSc in Anatomy and Human Biology from the University of Western Australia. Prior to joining the editorial team, Sam worked for the CRO Medpace as a Clinical Data Coordinator working extensively on Oncology and Genetic Disorder trials. He has also previously worked in research roles for cancer charities.

Jennifer Smith ,

Senior Editor

Senior Editor Jennifer C. Smith-Parker first joined the Insights product in October 2009 as a reporter, covering healthcare policy and regulatory news in Washington, DC. After developing excellent sources and fostering a reputation for producing in-depth analyses, scoops and trend pieces, she has steadily risen in its ranks. She has attended conferences across the US and Europe and moderated BPI panels with industry leaders. Prior to BPI, she was associate news editor at FDA Week, covering FDA regulatory policy. She also worked at The Monitor newspaper in South Texas where she was awarded the Texas Medical Association’s Anson Jones journalism award for an article on breast cancer. Jennifer graduated from New York University with a BA with Honors in History and Journalism.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand the various technologies involved in COVID-19 drug development
  • Review various trial data points to have a compare and contrast
  • Delve into the regulatory paradigm for vaccines and potential political interference


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