COVID-19: The catalyst for long overdue change in clinical trial technologies and processes

Sponsored by: Cmed

Focused on:

  • Covid 19
  • Clinical Trials
  • Data
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Technology
  • Process Efficiency

Date: 29 June



Part 1 - 10 min Executive Strategic Summary
Part 2 - 45 min In-depth Explanation and Discussion

This webinar assesses the disruptive impact of COVID-19 on clinical trials, the reasons that the industry finds itself in difficulty and explores new strategies for the future.

Key topics include:

· The Covid-19 impact on clinical trials and estimated financial and human cost

· The case for change including views from senior pharmaceutical executives and other industry experts

· The reasons that so many clinical trials have been placed on hold and patients lost to treatment or follow up

· Root causes for the industry being in the situation it now finds itself: the use of outdated technologies, processes and workarounds that have contributed to making clinical trials inflexible, inefficient, expensive and frustrating

· Whether COVID-19 would have been so disruptive had the industry embraced change and modernization earlier

· Why a new strategy is needed and how it can be achieved quickly and easily to deliver:

  • Flexibility including where and how patients are assessed and data captured
  • Efficiency and cost savings including accessing and verifying data via remote, central and targeted review, or not at all
  • Immediacy in having all data from all sources and all types aggregated in one place with applied live visualizations, insights and analytics for all to use
  • Speed from ultra-rapid setup to no downtime for updates and changes. Plus immediate, drill down on data and follow up actions for data review
  • Control with visibility of activities status, completeness of tasks and early alerts
  • Enable the future including being able to operationalize AI into clinical trials easily

  • Presented by

    David Connelly. PhD,

    Chief Executive Officer, Cmed Group

    David Connelly has over 30 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical and CRO industry in areas including clinical trial design, operations, monitoring, biostatistics and data management. He also has extensive experience of working with top pharmaceutical company executives in process re-engineering, performance and change management, design and deployment of new technology. As principal founder and CEO of Cmed (in early 2000), David has led the growth and development of Cmed into a leading, multinational full service CRO with particular strengths in oncology, rare diseases and the development and deployment of advanced data capture and management technology. David has a PhD in Pharmacology and has lived and worked in the UK, Switzerland and the US.

    Timothy Corbett-Clark, DPhil,

    Chief Technology Officer, Cmed Group

    Dr Timothy Corbett-Clark has over 20 years’ experience working in the CRO and technology industries creating fundamentally better solutions to address the most pressing challenges of clinical trial data collection. As one of the co-founders of Cmed, he is the driving force behind the architecture and technical operation of innovative platforms used by Cmed Research, other CROs, and many SaaS customers, to deliver quality data for many hundreds of clinical trials. Tim has a BA and MA in Engineering and Computer Science and a doctorate in Artificial Intelligence.

    Gurpal Ahluwalia,

    Partner, BDO

    Gurpal heads up BDO’s Healthcare and Life Sciences strategy consulting and commercial due diligence offerings in the UK. He has deep sector experience including many years as a doctor (MD) specialising in cardiothoracic surgery. Previous to joining BDO, he worked on a broad range of projects at the Boston Consulting Group and KPMG. He has led multiple commercial due diligence and strategy engagements across med tech, pharma, health and social care both in the UK and internationally.

    Key Learning Objectives

    • Obtain additional insight into the clinical trial disruption caused by COVID-19 and the overwhelming case for change
    • A new strategy for conducting clinical trials that provides flexibility, immediacy and efficiency
    • How to safeguard against future uncertainty
    • How to be patient and site centric with flexible data capture- any time, any where
    • How to minimise or remove the source data verification burden and CRA visits to sites
    • Understand some of the benefits more modern technology delivers
    • How to provide greater transparency and oversight of clinical data and status to react rapidly


    • Heads of Development
    • Heads of early or full Clinical Development
    • Heads of Clinical Research / Clinical Operations
    • Heads of Data Operations
    • Directors of Safety
    • Pharmaceutical Physicians
    • CIO / Informatics
    • Innovation/Digital Transformation
    • Statisticians
    • Heads of Medical Affairs