Biomarkers and Immuno-oncology: Identifying New Opportunities For Precision Medicine

Sponsored by: Covance

Focused on:

  • Pharmacodynamic Biomarkers
  • Immuno Oncology
  • Io Clinical Trial

Date: 17 May


Time: 4PM London/11AM New York

Predictive and pharmacodynamic biomarkers are a critical component of today’s progress in immuno-oncology (IO) drug development.

While predictive biomarkers can accelerate development by identifying the right group of patients to target and ensuring safety and efficacy of the compound, there are inherent challenges in finding and validating biomarkers that will end as companion diagnostics. Pharmacodynamic markers are very useful in early stages of development to help identify the true mechanism of action in humans. The straightforward approach to find and apply these types of markers is more complex in IO.

Join us in this informative webinar to hear about the latest issues in biomarker development and explore the critical junction between pharmaceutical companies, companion diagnostic manufacturers and CROs to enable an effective co-development process.

Presented by

Suso Platero PhD,

Executive Director, Precision Medicine Oncology Leader, Clinical Development Services, Covance

Suso Platero works with commercial, medical and scientific leaders to provide precision medicine and IO solutions through Covance clinical development services.

Prior to joining Covance, he created several groups for the discovery and translation of biomarkers into the clinic at major pharmaceutical companies. He has led companion diagnostics programs, assay development and validation of biomarkers in clinical trials from Phase I to registration. Dr. Platero has worked with small molecules, antibodies, vaccines and bispecific antibodies and has experience in developing compounds in IO, chemotherapy and targeted therapeutics.

He was a Howard Hughes Postdoctoral fellow at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and received his doctorate from St. Louis University.

Marielena Mata PhD,

Head of Precision Medicine and Companion Diagnostics, GlaxoSmithKline

Marielena Mata is an accomplished leader with training in immunology and extensive experience in oncology, expanding into other therapeutic areas with Precision Medicine.

Dr. Mata brings more than 14 years of pharmaceutical industry experience in drug development of biologics and small molecules, companion diagnostics, biomarkers, pharmacology, cell-based assay development, GLP and commercial strategy.

She completed her postdoctoral fellowship and doctorate in immunology at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Learn about the evolution of predictive and pharmacodynamic biomarkers
  • Understand the challenges with companion diagnostics in today’s competitive oncology space
  • Considerations for applying precision medicine to IO
  • Learn key technical, regulatory and commercial/partnering considerations
  • Discover insightful strategies to increase IO clinical trial success


  • Strategic Drug Development
  • Companion Diagnostic Development
  • Clinical Operations
  • Outsourcing and Procurement
  • Clinical Trial Planning
  • Clinical Trial Optimization