Beginners Guide to Liquid Filling Capsules

Sponsored by: ACG Group

Focused on:

  • Liquid Capsule

Date: 4 December


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Is Liquid Filling Capsules Right for you?

ACG invites you to learn why liquid capsule filling has many pharma manufacturers saying goodbye to softgels. Learn about the lengthy list of benefits available by filling your liquid products in hard capsules – especially considering recent advancements in capsule manufacturing processes, which have made hard capsules more versatile and durable than ever. From lower moisture content and oxygen permeability to broad options for combo filling and ease of small batch production, join us to explore the myriad factors in favor of choosing hard capsules when filing liquid doses.

Hear from ACG customer Orcas Natural, a leading cultivator and developer of botanical extract
for an in-depth account of the liquid capsule filling operations at its manufacturing facility. The first-hand account will cover the operational advantages of liquid filling and provide answer to listener questions

Our Beginners Guide to Liquid Filling presentation will leave participants who’ve been curious about liquid filling but unclear about the full set of benefits with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions regarding its suitability at their production plants. After covering baseline infrastructure needs and standard dosage forms, we’ll go further to discuss more complex combination formulations, including those that combine liquids with pellets & beads, tablets inside liquid-filled capsules, and capsule-in-capsule dosing. Webinar attendees are eligible for a review of their products & facility to determine “Is Liquid Filling Capsules Right For You?”

Presented by

Anand Rajan,

Head ACG Engineering - North America

Anand is a Mechanical Engineer with an MBA in Marketing. With over 8 years of experience in Pharmaceutical Machinery Sales over numerous geographies, he is currently heading the Engineering Business for ACG in North America, with a focus on custom solution delivery.

K G Rao,

CEO/President - DolCas Group

Key Learning Objectives

  • Benefits of Liquid Filling Capsules
  • Filling two-piece hard gelatin capsules with liquids
  • Capsules vs. Softgels
  • Combination Filling Options


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