Animal Welfare and Research: Reduce, Refine, Replace

Sponsored by: Covance

Focused on:

  • Animal Welfare
  • Medical Research

Date: 13 November


Time: 5PM London/12PM New York

How 3Rs principles guide improvements in science and welfare

Advancements in medical research continue to depend on animal testing for novel scientific insights. It is important for industry to embrace a culture of care and adapt to changing standards in animal welfare.

At Genentech/Roche we are committed to enabling and supporting the highest standards in ethical research involving animals, including development/acceptance of alternative in vitro models. Specifically, we focus on the principles of Reduction, Refinement, and Replacement (the 3Rs) of animals in research studies.

Join Genentech and Covance as they highlight refinements to study designs; advancements in animal husbandry, care, and enrichment; and the use of alternative methods to animal testing to advance the 3Rs.

Presented by

Lisa Wong,

Senior Nonclinical Study Manager

Lisa Wong is a Senior Nonclinical Study Manager at Genentech/Roche with over 20 years of experience in diverse roles supporting nonclinical development of biopharmaceuticals. She co-leads the 3Rs Expert Working Group at Genentech and is responsible for operationalizing Genentech’s toxicology strategy and policy on animal husbandry, such as space allocation, social housing needs, and environmental enrichment. Lisa holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry from the University of California at Riverside.

Ghislaine Poirier, PhD, DVM, Dipl. ECLAM,

Chief Animal Welfare Officer

As Chief Animal Welfare Officer, Dr Poirier oversees the veterinary care and animal welfare program at Covance. She drives strategies on animal welfare policies and standards, promotes innovation in the 3Rs, and fosters a culture of care in animal welfare. Ghislaine has over 20 years of experience and training in laboratory animal medicine. She received her PhD in Immunology from University College London, and her DVM from Ecole Nationale Veterinaire de Nantes, France.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Animal welfare matters to experimental outcomes
  • Good welfare = good science = good business
  • Benefits and challenges of implementing the 3Rs in animal research


  • Nonclinical Drug Development Scientist
  • Animal Care Staff
  • Veterinarians