Adaptations and Solutions for Clinical Supply Chain Challenges

Sponsored by: Almac Clinical Services

Focused on:

  • Suppy Chain Challenges

Date: 22 April


Time: 10AM New York / 3PM London / 4pm CET

Discover how Almac developed solutions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in their upcoming webinar, Adaptations and Solutions for Clinical Supply Chain Challenges, presented by Abby Sener.

COVID-19 forced the entire clinical trial supply industry to think, react, and plan more quickly and more creatively than ever before.

This webinar will focus on solutions developed by Almac in response to the demand for rapid initiation of new clinical trials to combat COVID-19 and the adaptation of existing trials to ensure continuity of supply and support for existing patients.

During this webinar Abby Sener, Manager, Almac ONE will discuss the benefit of aligning the physical and digital supply chain to create an optimised, efficient and patient-focused clinical supply operation. She will also analyse the potential application of these solutions within the long-term clinical trial landscape.

Using real life case studies Abby will discuss the approach from Almac in supporting clients during the COVID-19 pandemic and how cross functional knowledge of processes and systems shared across the supply chain and Interactive Response Technology (IRT) teams allowed for immediate insights into the challenges that needed to be overcome; using the Almac ONE™ solution.

Presented by

Abby Sener,

Manager, Almac ONE

Abby Sener is the Almac ONE™ Manager at Almac. Abby is responsible for the team that provides leadership and support to deliver projects utilizing Almac’s IxRS and Clinical Supplies services. Abby joined Almac 10 years ago and has held project management roles at multiple Almac locations, with oversight of clinical packaging, labelling and distribution. Prior to joining Almac, Abby worked as a project manager within the food industry. Abby is PMP Certified and has a B.A. in Marketing and Communication.

Key Learning Objectives

  • The importance of clinical supply chain agility and how to adapt under pressure in the midst of a global pandemic
  • Developing an alternative integrated supply chain solution
  • The benefits of harmonising your digital and physical supply chain for successful clinical trials
  • Insights into the current clinical trial landscape


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  • Clinical Research Manager
  • Clinical Director
  • Clinical Manager
  • Clinical Lead
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Supply Chain Director
  • Manager Supply Management
  • Senior Supply Chain Manager
  • Assistant Manager Supply Chain
  • Supply Logistics Manager
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