Accelerating Clinical Studies While Reducing Operational Cost

Sponsored by: Catalyst Clinical Research

Focused on:

  • Clinical Trials
  • Pharmaceuticals

Date: 8 July

Days to go: 25

Time: 11AM EST

Leveraging a Flexible Resourcing Model to Achieve Study Success

Fluctuating resourcing demand has been a challenge for the broader clinical research industry since the beginning of time. Only recently has the demand for flexible and innovative solutions to address these challenges become more pressing.

Recent studies reveal that out of the more than 5,000 clinical trials that were stopped between December of 2019 and January of 2021, 36% reported suspended, terminated, or withdrawn for reasons that explicitly cite COVID-19.

The launch of the COVID-19 vaccine brings us a glimmer of hope for recovery in the clinical trials space as travel bans are lifted and sites begin to reopen. But how will CROs and sponsors alike recover from the bolus of work collected over the past year?

Tune into our Arena-hosted webinar where Vice President, Catalyst Flex Growth Strategy, Betsy Brown, and Director, Clinical Resourcing Operations, Ann Marie discuss key outsourced staffing strategies needed by mid-tier biopharma and life sciences companies to achieve study success before, during and in the wake of the pandemic in addition to gaining a sponsor’s perspective on the benefits of a flexible resourcing model.

Presented by

Betsy Brown,

Vice president, Catalyst Flex Growth Strategy

Betsy has dedicated her entire career to clinical research and serves today as an industry leader, resourcing expert and business entrepreneur. She first joined the industry in 1985 working with FHI 360 in Women’s Health and HIV research. In 1987, she joined ClinTrials Research, a commercial spin-off of FHI 360 and one of the earliest international Clinical Research Organizations. As Associate Director, she managed a staff of CRA Managers and more than 100 CRAs. In 1995, Betsy co-founded and led The Woolf Group, one of the earliest and most recognized clinical research staffing firms in the country. She helped develop the company into a premier service organization, highly sought-after by its clientele and candidates alike. The company was sold to an international staffing firm in 1999, and in 2002 she co-founded Trio Clinical Research. As the company’s Chief Operating Officer and then President, Betsy led the operations and business development team, ensuring the company’s growth and development and drove a successful merger with Aptiv Solutions in 2008. In 2013, Betsy returned to her entrepreneurial roots and co-founded Catalyst Clinical Research, a niche clinical operations service provider.

Ann Marie Cisneros,

Director, Clinical resourcing Operations

Ann Marie has more than 20 years of leadership experience including time in the military, educational and consulting sectors. She served four years on active-duty in the United States Air Force as a Medical Technologist. In 1998, she began a career in clinical research working as a Clinical Research Associate at a large contract research organization. In that position she was involved in a high profile fraud case. As part of her involvement, she testified twice before a congressional Sub-Committee on The Safety of Our Drug Supply. Ann Marie has worked in consulting capacities as a Clinical Research Associate and as a Clinical Recruiter and now a Director within the pharmaceutical, device and patient recruitment industries. She manage CRAs and preferred client relations, and also monitor metrics and key deliverables, scopes and negotiates contracts, manage change in scope issues, recruits for open positions, and manages timesheets/expenses for a team of approximately 30 contract CRAs and/or Lead CRAs for Catalyst Clinical Research. She has taught at The George Washington University since 2008 in the graduate CRA program and also contributes to curriculum development.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand key benefits of an outsourced resourcing model
  • Recognize the need for an innovative and flexible response to the bolus of work and ongoing challenges amidst the current landscape and beyond
  • Learn best practices for adapting to the specific resourcing needs of complex global studies


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