A Path toward MSL Engagement 2025

Sponsored by: Anju Software

Focused on:

  • Medical Affairs
  • Phased Approach

Date: 23 March

Days to go: 64

Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

A Phased Approach & Vision to More Impactful Interactions

Virtually every report on successfully transforming Medical Affairs to a strategic pillar by 2025 cites it being contingent upon strengthening the impact of MSL engagement with KOLs and medical communities. However, despite these warnings, many companies continue to allow MSL engagement to remain a tactical activity rather than a strategic approach. While investments in MSLs grow, the return on those investments remain uncertain given the lack of measurable outcomes and impacts. Furthermore, few companies are executing a defined path forward from this current state to a future state where each MSL interaction is an opportunity to deliver fully realized value. This educational webinar will propose a high-level framework and a practical starting point for this mission-critical path forward for MSL engagement.

Several prominent studies and reports will be highlighted to articulate the rising importance of MSLs and their engagement with KOLs and various medical communities, as well as to quantify the continual growth in MSL activity and investments. Physician preferences for obtaining their scientific and medical information in general will also be explored along with specific implications of those preferences for MSL engagement.

A practical and achievable starting point on a path toward strategic MSL engagement by 2025 will be outlined. Real-world examples will be used to describe and clarify how to proceed on this path and where to start, including technologies that will enable and drive it. This starting point will then be amplified upon to form a vision into the future that ultimately transforms MSL engagement to the impactful, outcomes-based approach needed for future success. In doing so, other important use cases beyond MSL engagement that can benefit from the same path forward will be briefly discussed, thereby expanding its overall value proposition.

Please join us to learn from industry experts how to forge a path forward within your own organization toward more impactful MSL engagement and transforming Medical Affairs into a genuinely strategic function by 2025.

Presented by

Bill Leander,

Chief Marketing Officer

As Chief Marketing Officer, Bill’s focus is on accelerating growth by strengthening Anju’s marketing capabilities, advancing product management disciplines, and improving the positioning of the company and its products to the life sciences market. Bill recently joined Anju from Santa Rosa Consulting, where he served for nearly four years as the Chief Strategy Officer with a focus on growing the business through key health IT, business intelligence, and analytics services and solutions. Mr. Leander has held additional C-level and senior leadership positions in his 20+-year tenure in healthcare technology, professional services, and analytics enterprises.

Beena Wood,

VP Product Management – Medical Affairs

Beena Wood is the Vice President, Product Management of Medical Affairs at Anju. Before joining Anju, she was with Oracle Health Sciences Safety for over 15 years, leading the Oracle Argus Product Management team. She has an engineering background and has worked in IT/product development for over 25 years across multiple domains. She has built applications for K-12, Retail and Insurance but Life Sciences is her field of interest. She feels fortunate to being part of a great team as well as helping create technology that matters to human lives.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Quantify and understand the rise in importance and investments in MSLs and their engagement with KOLs and medical communities
  • Define a practical and realistic starting point on the path toward more impactful MSL engagement
  • Explore the essential capabilities needed of technologies that will enable and drive the starting point and pathway forward
  • Propose a broader vision into the future for transformation of MSL engagement in 2025 and beyond


  • MSL Managers
  • VP
  • Director
  • Manager of Med Affairs
  • Medical Education
  • Executive Director of MSLs
  • Senior Manager Corporate Marketing KOL Operations
  • KOL Operations Manager
  • Medical Affairs Market Development Manager