5 Keys to a Successful ECM Solution

Sponsored by: Anju Software

Focused on:

  • Content Management Systems

Date: 28 October


Time: 11:00 AM ET

Discover the capabilities you should expect in a modern, robust ECM system

Companies across the Life Sciences industry today are facing a massive, and ever-increasing, deluge of content from a multitude of sources and likely stored in a multitude of repositories. The sheer volume, unstructured nature of most content (up to 80%), and silo’d storage points make access to information difficult and time-consuming and puts audit-readiness at serious risk. Without the ability to store all types of content in one centralized, secure, shared location that provides intelligent search capabilities and robust workflows, life sciences organizations will not be able to make the significant advancements so greatly needed in getting new therapies to market faster.

In this webinar we will discuss the importance of an Enterprise Content Management system for the life sciences industry, from Clinical Trial to post-approval Medical Information content. We’ll explore the difference between structured and unstructured content and how the management of unstructured content can be a significant challenge. We’ll share information about the impact of the massive volume of content on your business and how you can start looking for a solution.

How do you start and what should you look for in an ECM system? From content migration, system integrations, cloud services, and basic capabilities like document editing, approvals, and searching, we will review a comprehensive list of capabilities that define what an ECM system should have and how you can ask the right questions during your evaluation process.

Join us to discover the ins and outs of selecting the right ECM system for your organization and learn how the management of content across your clinical trials and medical information organizations can be improved - helping you to eliminate silos, collaborate more efficiently, save time and increase productivity.

Presented by

Wendy Morahan,

VP Product Management

Wendy lives at the intersection of life sciences and technology, dedicating her 25+ year career to both. Passionate about improving patient outcomes by focusing on technology solutions that help Academic Institutions, Biotech, Pharmaceutical, and Medical Device companies discover and deliver new therapies to the market faster and safer. She is most inspired by challenges that bring amazing people with relentless “get it done” attitudes together to solve complex problems.

Bill Leander,

Chief Marketing Officer

As Chief Marketing Officer, Bill’s focus is on accelerating growth by strengthening Anju’s marketing capabilities, advancing product management disciplines, and improving the positioning of the company and its products to the life sciences market. Bill recently joined Anju from Santa Rosa Consulting, where he served for nearly four years as the Chief Strategy Officer with a focus on growing the business through key health IT, business intelligence, and analytics services and solutions. Mr. Leander has held additional C-level and senior leadership positions in his 20+-year tenure in healthcare technology, professional services, and analytics enterprises.

Reed McLaughlin,

Senior Vice President of Sales

As the Senior Vice President of Sales, Reed is responsibilities for developing brand awareness, business development, and revenue generation for the Medical Affairs Division. He oversees all sales initiatives from initial customer contact to completing the customer acquisition and maintenance. Reed has over 10 years of experience within the life sciences industry and holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Springfield College (Mass).

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand the complexities of unstructured content
  • Learn how an ECM system can help manage the massive volume of content you deal with daily
  • Discover the capabilities you should expect in a modern, robust ECM system
  • Gain confidence in your next steps to evaluate how an ECM system can improve your organization


  • Clinical Operations
  • Clinical Data Management
  • Medical affairs
  • Document or Content Management
  • In-house medical information
  • Health outcomes research
  • Medical science liaisons (MSLs) and economics liaisons