Conversational AI: Real ROI in times of Global Crisis

Sponsored by: Omilia

Focused on:

  • AI
  • Contact Center Strategy

Date: 4 June


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Solution including everything Enterprises require for their Contact Center strategy

You will Experience

· a “better-than-human” Conversational agent and enjoy a rare, behind-the-
scenes look, at the AI system that powers it.

· miniApps®, a revolutionary system allowing a business user to setup and
customize a conversational service in minutes.

Get Insight on

· how some of the biggest North American Financial Institutions put
conversational AI tech at work, and their amazing results in savings, customer
experience and resilience to the current crisis.

Presented by

Karolos Gikas,

Business Development Director - Europe

Karolos is responsible for Omilia’s expansion in Europe. His experience covers several sectors of ICT and has coordinated the international expansion of technology companies. He has a strong interest in AI and its applications in the enterprise sector.

Claudio Rodrigues,

Solution Architect & Sales Engineer

Cláudio’s expertise lies between NLU, Machine Learning and Voice Biometrics. He and his team are currently in charge of bringing next generation conversational systems to life today by rapid prototyping, designing technology screeners and PoCs, and most importantly advising enterprise customers how they can leapfrog from legacy to next gen conversational.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Learn how Conversational AI solutions can serve the next-day reality in any contact center
  • Cut contact center costs, skyrocket savings, improve customer journey with tangible metrics
  • Help your agents decongest your contact centers by transferring out callers to a dedicated FAQ Virtual Assistant
  • Load additional FAQ categories based on your organisation’s callers requests (available soon)


  • Head/VP/Director of Contact Center
  • Head/VP/Director of Customer Care
  • Head/VP/Director of Customer Experience