Preventive Maintenance

Sponsored by: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Focused on:

  • Prevention Amp Maintenance

Date: 3 December


Time: 11:00 am Melbourne time

The 3 keys to maximising uptime and efficiencies in 24hr operations

Industries such as mining, manufacturing and oil and gas are currently facing extreme challenges due to the current climate and it is extremely important for organisations to ensure maximum efficiency and reduced downtime in 24-hour operations as this could cost organisations millions of dollars. It is also a time to do a reset of long term strategic direction and priorities and focus on key initiatives and issues such as effective maintenance that are needed to sustain long term goals.

Much emphasis is provided to preventive and predictive maintenance now a days. The importance of preventive maintenance practices is loud and clear with the fact that these maintenance routines significantly reduces reactive maintenance providing more control over maintenance operations and helps prevent equipment breakdown and unplanned shutdowns, which cost organisations millions of dollars in revenue. A strong preventive maintenance program can help :

• Eliminate lost profit and productivity
• Reduce the number of emergency repairs and overtime labor cost
• Improve maintenance operations and extend life of critical equipments

Thermo Fisher Scientific has joined forces with leading voices from the industry to discuss about the changing practices in prevention across 24-Hour operations. Register Now.

Presented by

Stephen Cutting,

Technical Director at Aurecon

Stephen Cutting has 30 years’ experience in engineering & consulting with 17 of those as Technical Director at Aurecon.
With a passion for design and operations, he keeps his team and local sugar mills, mines, ports and other industrial businesses in-check with his expertise in prevention maintenance.

Duncan Mcleod,

Product Manager- Industrial Process at Thermo Fisher Scientific

Duncan Mcleod has over 25 years sales, marketing and business management experience within the industrial, scientific and information technology industries. With strong business relationships with major research institutes, mining, oil & gas, energy, aerospace & defense markets he brings a unique perspective to preventive maintenance and conditional monitoring.

Ryan Lydon,

Portfolio Leader – Thermo Fisher Scientific

Ryan leads Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Analysis and Characterisation portfolio across Australia and New Zealand, covering self-manufactured and supplier partner products in the environmental, industrial, food, dairy & beverage and material science sectors. With his resilient, inquisitive and data driven background in business, he brings aspects on continuous improvement in maintenance.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understanding how to protect reputation, brand health, customers and shareholder confidence with preventative maintenance measures.
  • Learning how smarter prevention and maintenance practices can avoid work-related injury.
  • Learning how to effectively maximise your operational uptime and minimise downtime.
  • How to reduce costs by getting more life out of your assets without heavy maintenance and more.


  • Process Managers
  • Plant Superintendents
  • Safety Advisors/Managers
  • Fixed Plant Maintenance
  • Maintenance and Engineering Managers
  • Manufacturing engineers
  • Production supervisors
  • Operations managers
  • OHS supervisors