Sponsored by: InGear Engineering Pty Ltd

Focused on:

  • Industrial Gearboxes

Date: 2 February


Time: 11AM Sydney/8AM Western Australia/10AM Queensland

Let's talk about industrial gearboxes.

If they malfunction, and they often do, your business could suffer too. They're complicated, costly to repair or replace and they’re crucial. A quick-fix will never give you the best product.

What if we told you there was another solution?

Australia's leading engineering gear experts Dr Robert Davey (aka Dr Bob) and Ronald Griffiths, have joined forces to create InGEAR with PHD.

InGEAR with PHD will CUSTOM DESIGN gearboxes for YOUR needs.

The Benefits

- Same footprint
- Guaranteed higher service factor
- No leaking seals - Five year warranty
- Accelerated delivery
- Nationwide service
- Competitive prices

InGEAR with PHD can provide a PERMANENT solution that will cost you LESS than a band-aid repair job.

With a hundred years of engineering expertise and countless accolades between both of them, Dr Bob and Ron guarantee your gearbox is in the most capable hands.

Find out more at the InGEAR with PHD LIVE webinar Date: 17th December 2020

Presented by

Ronald Griffiths,

Managing Director, InGear Engineering Pty Ltd

Ronald Griffiths is the patriarch of gearbox companies in Australia, having spent more than four decades in the engineering game. He started his career as an apprentice toolmaker, graduating to special purpose machine design, before going through an MBA program. He played a role in establishing Hansen Transmissions in 1972, and started Flender in Australia, before becoming the Managing Director of Flender in the United Kingdom for five years. On his return to Australia, he was Managing Director of David Brown Gear Industries for fifteen years, and was responsible for establishing the Bulli, New South Wales facility of David Brown. Since 2005, Ron has run his own company ‘InGear Engineering’, supplying the Australian mining and process industries with new replacement gearboxes. Ron Griffiths knows what maintenance superintendents and managers need, and how to deliver the best product at the best price.

Doctor Robert Davey,

Principal and Director PHD Engineering Pty Ltd

Dr Bob is Australia’s premier industrial gearbox design specialist. With fifty five years of engineering experience under his belt, he knows a thing or two about how to create a gearbox that’s reliable and top quality. Dr Bob is unlike most engineers; he started as an apprentice fitter and turner and spent decades working at the Port Kembla Steelworks. One of his many roles was working as a maintenance superintendent, so he knows first hand the frustration caused by faulty equipment and the ‘fake news’ gearbox companies tell. Having achieved his Doctorate in the ‘Replacement of Imperial Sized Gears with Metric Gears’ (80% of which was incorporated into the 1987 Australian Gear Standard AS 2938), he established his own business PHD Engineering in 1988. Dr Bob has managed multi-million dollar contracts all over the globe and promises to solve your mechanical power transmission problems permanently and economically.

Stuart Hipsley,

Senior Mechanical Design Engineer

Senior Mechanical Design Engineer with PHD for 10 years

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