Discover how VR is Unlocking Human Potential

Sponsored by: Creative Pipeline

Focused on:

  • Experiential Learning Technology

Date: 28 October


Time: 11AM Sydney

How is Experiential Learning accelerating training and role transition while reducing costs?

The new world of work is offering many human challenges as artificial intelligence and automation is becoming seamlessly integrated into everyday life. Significant impacts on society and industry ranging from scientific discovery, healthcare and medical diagnostics to smart cities, transport, and sustainability are changing the jobs that people have traditionally performed. Work is being reinvented as everything is becoming interconnected. Workforces are undergoing a huge transformation and accelerated connectivity is redefining the relationship between the individual and the organisation. Immersive experiences and experiential learning platforms are crucial to accelerating the learning of new skills during this time of rapid change.

VR and AR are genuinely transformative technologies but are only part of the experiential learning (EL) story. The more the senses are engaged the more effective is the learning experience. Creative Pipeline will take you through the EL journey and open the door to a new world which is in tune with the Industry 4.0 transformation we are now witnessing. Investment in EL technologies is providing far reaching business benefits along with human benefits and is reducing waste and stripping costs. Learn how to maximise these benefits and integrate new EL platforms into your business that will place your employees and customers at the centre of your business.

Remote learning, marketing and communication is critical during this era of COVID-19. EL platforms have now come into their own. How will social VR change the way we will do business and transform the way we communicate? Why will new visualisation tools become increasingly critical to your business? Where do you start and what technology is available now?

Creative Pipeline will open your eyes as to how to unlock human potential, accelerate learning and totally re-think your business. Learn how to maximise digital transformation and be ready for the new world of work. Step through the door to further enlightenment where a whole new world will open!

Presented by

Tim Black,

Managing Director

One of the key principles of the past 25 years of Tim Black’s career is the ability to “take complex information and turn it into easy to understand visual resources for training and marketing”. Most of this work has been for Industrial, Mining, Engineering, Medical, Science and Defence projects that are used globally every day. After graduating with a degree in Industrial Design, Tim has used the design philosophy and principles and applied this to all facets of 3D Animation, Video Production and interactive/immersive design and development.

With the introduction of VR and PC based experiential training, this capability to explain any complex concept has taken a leap in both effectiveness and impact for the user. This medium extends upon earlier work in multimedia CD and DVD-ROM design and development, and takes 3D interactivity and immersive learning to a whole other level.

Tim started Creative Pipeline in 2006 after working in various production companies learning the trade. He then combined this experience in 3D Animation, Video Production and Production Management with his Industrial Design training to offer a unique and niche product for big industrial companies, particularly in the mining industry, engineering and industrial spaces. These projects have included Global Product Launch Animations, Site Inductions, 3D Illustrations for web, print and tender submissions, through to biotechnology animation showing microscopic drug actions within the human body. More recently this work has extended to full VR/Experiential Training packages that integrate into existing corporate training systems, designed to compliment and enhance how training is performed within an organisation using the power of “experiential learning”.

14 years and hundreds of projects later, Creative Pipeline has grown to be one of the leaders in production for industrial clients in Australia, with a growing team who are constantly evolving and adapting to new technology and new possibilities for corporate clients.

It is from this vast body of experience and know-how that Tim leads the Creative Pipeline team into the new world of work, using current and emerging technology to enable companies with “Industrial Strength” Immersive Training and Marketing solutions.

“We are fortunate to work in a space where Anything is Possible. If you can think it up, we can execute your project to a high level of professionalism during the project using tried and true production workflows, to achieve a quality end result that our clients, and the team at CP, are very proud of.”

Karl Putnis,

Director of Marketing & Business Development

Karl is a long time associate of Tim Black MD at Creative Pipeline having supported the growth of his business over the last 10 years. Now as an active member of the Creative Pipeline team over the last 2 years, Karl has been adept at analysing market opportunities and understanding how technologies and capabilities can be integrated into new business and market sectors. His strength is developing strategic and growth plans to support business diversification and create direct pathways to new opportunities.

'It's a pleasure to be supporting Tim and his team of creative and technical specialists. New opportunities to collaborate with businesses looking to embrace technologies such as VR & AR in their business are emerging all the time so it is an exciting time for us. As experts in our field we are helping people to understand and open their eyes to new possibilities'.

Karl has worked in senior roles across a range of industry sectors over the past 25 years including mining, defence, infrastructure and health and has played an active role with peak body organisations.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand how to accelerate learning and save costs and maximise the benefits
  • Learn how to integrate experiential learning into your business
  • Know what technology is available now and in the future
  • Understand new ways to improve communication during COVID-19


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