New Sensor Technology for Emerging Medical Devices

Sponsored by: SMD Sensors

Focused on:

  • Sensor Technology

Date: 16 June

Days to go: 3

Time: 6PM London/1PM EST

Microfluidic bubble sensors, Non-invasive liquid level sensors, and Autoclavable force sensors.

New and innovative approaches to drug discovery tools, in-home dialysis care, diagnostic lab automation, and haptic feedback surgical tools have generated significant demand for equally innovative sensors to provide control data for the safe and accurate performance of these medical devices.

SMD Sensors is offering a Webinar that will focus on three new innovative sensor technologies that will provide today’s design and process engineer with new options to address the design challenges in today’s emerging medical devices. First, an ultrasonic bubble sensor designed for small diameter tubing used in microfluidic applications will be presented. Second, a totally non-invasive and disposable liquid level sensors that can be installed onto the outside surface of a plastic bag or container and detect the liquid level inside the bag or container. Third, a novel new approach to strain gage force sensors that utilize a semiconductor-like process known as thin film deposition and its benefits over more traditional bonded strain gages. In addition to allowing for miniaturization of force sensors, these thin film deposition force sensors are autoclavable and easily customizable. This is particularly important when designing surgical tools with haptic force feedback.

Before you begin your next medical design, we invite you to contact SMD Sensors and sign up for this informative technical webinar. We are ISO9001 and ISO 13485 certified and we look forward to making your next application a success!

Presented by

Marc Savoie,

VP Sales & Marketing

Marc Savoie is an ISPE and SLAS member and has over 35 years of experience supporting many industries in engineering, sales, and management roles. Prior to joining SMD Sensors, Marc held positions as Business Development Manager for Harrington Pure, a national distribution firm targeting pharmaceutical and semiconductor companies, as well as Product Manager for Saint Gobain Performance Plastics, a global materials supply company.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Challenges to detecting bubbles in small diameter tubing. How to use bubble sensors as full/empty sensors for microfluidic chambers?
  • How to measure liquid level non-invasively? How this technology can offer a low cost disposable sensor
  • How one can use a liquid level sensor as a flow sensor?
  • How can you fit a force sensor into your existing surgical tool design? And make it autoclavable.


  • Heads of R&D
  • Engineering Design
  • Process Automation
  • Process Improvement
  • Medical Device Design
  • Bioprocess Engineering
  • Dialysis Design Engineering
  • Robotic Surgical Engineering
  • Process Monitoring Engineering. Single Use Process Engineering
  • Disposable Tubing Set Design Engineer