How B2B travel media is working together to beat Covid-19

Sponsored by: Press Gazette

Focused on:

  • B2b Travel Media
  • Covid 19

Date: 23 April


Time: 1PM London/8AM New York

Must-view webinar for any media professionals looking for insight into how their business can weather the coronavirus storm

Covid-19 has ravaged the journalism industry as advertising has fallen off a cliff and routes to market are severely disrupted.

And nowhere has this been more keenly felt than in the travel sector which is dependant for revenue on an industry which has literally ground to a halt.

However, leading B2B title in the travel sector Travel Trade Gazette has found some positives out of the crisis. And working together with rival titles it has united with its competition to fight a common foe: Covid 19.

Join host, Press Gazette editor in chief Dominic Ponsford, Travel Trade Gazette owner Daniel Pearce, Travelmole UK editor-in-chief Bev Fearis, Travel Bulletin managing editor Georgia Lewis and NI Travel News editor Kirsty Johnston.

Presented by

Dominic Ponsford,

Press Gazette editor in chief

Dominic Ponsford is media editor of NS Mediagroup and the editor in chief of Press Gazette

Daniel Pearce,

Owner Travel Trade Gazette

Daniel Pearce is the owner and chief executive of TTG – Travel Trade Gazette

Bev Fearis ,

UK editor-in-chief of Travelmole

Kirsty Johnston,

NI Travel News editor

NI Travel News editor

Georgia Lewis,

Travel Bulletin managing editor

Key Learning Objectives

  • What has been the impact of Covid-19 on travel media
  • What have you learned so far about how to weather the crisis?
  • How have travel titles responded to the Covid-19 crisis?
  • What does the future hold both for travel titles and the wider media?


  • This webinar should appeal to any media professionals looking for insight into how to weather the coronavirus storm and make the most of a hugely challenging situation. Offers particular insight for those working in B2B publishing and the travel sector.