pMDIs- Delivering a sustainable future

Sponsored by: Presspart

Focused on:

  • Pmdi
  • Supply Chain
  • Carbon Impact

Date: 22 March


Time: 2PM London

Lowering the carbon impact within the pMDI device supply chain

Sustainability has presented itself as a key talking point within the pharmaceutical industry over the last few years, with intense scrutiny over the contribution that pharmaceutical companies make towards a sustainable health sector. An ageing and growing world population and improved healthcare systems are driving demand for an industry that is increasingly aware of the need to pursue sustainable development, whilst delivering a wider range of pharmaceutical products.

The respiratory drug delivery device market is no exception to the sustainability issue; with recent studies questioning the green credentials of pMDIs vs DPIs being at the forefront of sustainability conversations within the industry. With over 85% of the world’s pMDIs featuring a H&T Presspart component, there is an increasing responsibility to acknowledge the significant impact manufacturing these components has on the environment and how we as a company and industry can move towards a more sustainable supply chain.

During the webinar, participants will hear how H&T Presspart has helped drive down its carbon footprint through investment in new manufacturing technologies whilst introducing a wide range of sustainability initiatives across H&T Presspart’s three manufacturing facilities. Participants will also get a better understanding of how product innovation, such as plasma surface treatment and new low carbon propellants, can help drive sustainability forward.

This webinar is designed for anyone who wants a better understanding of the sustainability issues at the heart of the pMDI supply chain. The webinar will discuss how H&T Presspart is driving towards a greener pMDI through product and process innovation and how H&T Presspart can support customers who are interested in creating a low carbon pMDI.

Presented by

Jacqueline Green,

Business Development Manager

With a strong pharmaceutical and analytical background, Jacqueline is based at H&T Presspart’s Blackburn, UK site. She currently works within the Business Development team to provide technical expertise and support on every aspect of MDIs. Jacqueline is also responsible for the management of all Medical Cannabis related projects across the globe. Jacqueline previously worked within H&T Presspart’s Inhalation Product Technology Centre, undertaking a wide range of in vitro analytical testing for MDI’s and formulations to support our customers product development.

Richard Turner,

Global Sales Director

Richard Turner has over 25 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry, with the last 20 years at H&T Presspart. Richard is currently responsible for H&T Presspart’s Global Sales Team, for the provision of components and devices for non invasive drug delivery as well as services for the development of new drug delivery devices.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand the sustainability issues within the pMDI device supply chain
  • How product and process innovation can help improve sustainability in pMDIs
  • How manufacturers within the pMDI supply chain can support the pharmaceutical industry in creating a low carbon pMDI


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  • Sales
  • Business Development
  • Environmental
  • Product Managers
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