The Changing Global Dentistry Market: Cultural Shifts, Cost and Innovation

Sponsored by: GlobalData

Focused on:

  • Dental Health
  • Edentulism
  • Periodontal Disease

Date: 20 June


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

This expert presentation is exclusive only for GlobalData's clients. The webinar recording and presentation will be available on the Intelligence Center. For any requests or questions about this webinar please contact us.

Dental health is consistently treated separately from the rest of medicine, but widespread patient education has spurred growth in global demand.

In Europe and North America, preventative care has become a key element of treatment while many emerging economies are beginning their own initiatives to co-opt dentistry into their medical landscape.

Edentulism and periodontal disease continue to spur demand for surgical treatment, but costs remain a huge barrier for the market.

This expert presentation will examine how attitudes towards dentistry are affecting the markets global growth, how cost remains a barrier towards market penetration, and what innovations are changing the face of modern dentistry.

Presented by

Sarah Janer,

Senior Analyst, Medical Devices

Sarah joined GlobalData in 2016 on the medical analyst team. She specializes in comprehensive research, market modelling, market assessment and forecasts. Her expertise in the medical device field includes diagnostic imaging, wound care, orthopedic, and dental markets. She assists GlobalData’s consulting team, and is a regular contributor to Verdict. Prior to GlobalData, Sarah worked at Delphinus Medical Technologies, where she assisted in researching 3-D ultrasound mammography. She has also worked in television, writing for Ziyology on the Daily Planet.
Sarah holds an HBsc. in Evolutionary Biology from the University of Toronto, with minors in English and Environmental Science.

Atif Nawaz,

Analyst, Medical Devices

Atif has been a part of the GlobalData analyst team since March 2017. Within GlobalData Atif has experience with the Wound Care, General Surgery and In Vitro Diagnostics markets working on market assessment and forecast, including market models and reports. His academic experience includes quantitative and qualitative research methods, health information management and public health. Prior to joining GlobalData, Atif worked as an Analyst and Medical Coordinator at ConMed Canada and developed an expertise in orthopedics and general surgery while working on ad-hoc projects and liaising with the sales team. Some of the initiatives he was involved with were medical education protocol and product development, specifically orthopedic kits.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand how dentistry is perceived globally, and how cultural perception affects unique geographic markets.
  • Identify spending and treatment patterns that result from the high patient costs associated with dentistry.
  • Gain insight into technological innovations and the evolution of the modern dental clinic.
  • Build strategies to guide future decision making and new product development.


  • Advisory
  • Consulting
  • Research & Development
  • Strategy Planning