NIR Spectroscopy: Fast and Robust Water Determination

Sponsored by: Metrohm

Focused on:

  • Karl Fischer
  • Creams
  • Near Infrared Spectroscopy
  • Cosmetics
  • Chemometric Methods

Date: 8 November


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Optimize moisture analysis of personal care products and cosmetics

Manufacturers of cosmetics, beauty products, and other personal care products are under constant control by the responsible regulatory agencies and must meet stringent safety and quality standards. With increased consumer awareness regarding the contents and safety of the products they use, manufacturers have even more reason to be mindful of the composition of their products during every part of the supply chain.

Meet Mathias Schilling, NIRS application specialist from Metrohm International Headquarters, and learn first-hand how to use Karl Fischer titration and Vis-NIR spectroscopy (NIRS) symbiotically to optimize batch releases in regulated environments.

Experience step by step how to take samples, how to develop chemometric methods using Vision, and how to use NIR spectroscopy in routine analysis to prevent wastes and save costs using the example of moisture content in personal care and cosmetic creams.

Metrohm is one of the world’s most trusted manufacturers of high-precision instruments for chemical analysis. Since 2013, Metrohm has extended its product portfolio offering not only primary methods, but also NIR and Raman spectrometers for analysis in the lab, in the field, and in the process. Join us in an interactive webinar to learn how to optimize your routine analysis in regulated environments using NIRS.

Presented by

Mathias Schilling, MSc,

Application Specialist Spectroscopy

Mr. Schilling studied Chemistry at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences.

He was a Scientific Research Assistant before he took the position of Application Specialist at Metrohm International Headquarters in Herisau in 2016.

He is an expert in multivariate data analysis and is responsible for global application and software support.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Learn why Karl-Fischer titration and NIR Spectroscopy form the most powerful duo when it comes to routine moisture analysis
  • Gain insight into the basics of chemometric method development and robustness testing
  • Experience the ease-of-use of routine analysis at different sites using Vision Air Pharma Network


  • Quality Control Manager
  • Head of Research & Development