Mutated DNA polymerases for modern IVD assays

Sponsored by: Roche CustomBiotech

Focused on:

  • Next Generation Of Enzymes

Date: 24 October


Time: 4PM London/11AM New York

Evolution of speed and robustness: speed and simplicity in workflow for today’s IVDs

The development of modern PCR-based IVD assays gears towards reliable results with shorter workflows. In particular, the point-of-care segment is focused on short time to result. There are, however, several obstacles to accelerating the time to result: enzymes not dealing well with fast cycling protocols, long sample preparation and potential presence of inhibitors.

To cope with inhibitor presence in complex biological samples, laborious DNA extraction and purification methods are often necessary which leads to increases in development cost, effort and time.

How to solve this issue? Start working with the next generation of enzymes. At Roche CustomBiotech we know that great creations need premium ingredients. Therefore, during this webinar, you will learn how mutated DNA polymerases from Roche CustomBiotech can help overcome challenges posed by inhibitors, without sacrificing speed or assay performance.

Join Roche CustomBiotech for this webinar to explore the features of our mutated DNA polymerases and discover new options for your IVD development. You are just one registration away.

Presented by

Alexander Latta, Ph.D.,

Scientist & Field Application Consultant

Alex received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. His research centered on the fields of enzyme kinetics, protein X-ray crystallography, and molecular biology.

Alex joined Roche CustomBiotech in 2017 where he has primarily focused on performing experiments in the applications laboratory in the field of molecular diagnostics reagents.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Evolve your molecular assays to the next level with premium ingredients
  • Learn how to boost the speed and robustness of your assays
  • Discover how you can easily work with crude samples
  • Explore the portfolio of mutated DNA polymerases from Roche CustomBiotech


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