Integrating Tamper Evidence & Authentication in Pharma Packaging

Sponsored by: Essentra Packaging

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Date: 27 February


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Meeting the Packaging needs of the EU Falsified Medicines Directive & Beyond

It is estimated that counterfeit drugs are worth over $75 billion in global trade and criminals are becoming increasingly competent in packaging their products. Defeating the counterfeiters demands a multi-level approach, an element of which is secure packaging utilising overt and covert authentication technologies together with tamper evidence.

The ‘Falsified Medicines Directive’ (FMD) - Directive 2011/62/EU: was enacted in 2011 and in Article 54, highlights the need ‘..to verify the authenticity of the medicinal product and identify individual packs.’ This has led to a focus on serialisation within the industry. However, Article 54 also requires ‘..a device allowing verification of whether the outer packaging has been tampered with.’

Whilst further detail is due through delegated acts expected in early 2014 our expertise in packaging offering brand protection and tamper evidence enables us to work with customers in strategies for meeting the legislative requirements of the FMD.

This webinar is essential for those involved in Healthcare & Pharmaceutical packaging. Essentra Packaging will use its Brand Protection and Healthcare experience to highlight the key security issues and the variety of cost effective solutions available to meet both legislative and company needs.

Presented by

Richard Burhouse,

Head of Category Management

Richard has been involved in the security industry for over a decade holding various commercial roles for Essentra Security and also serving as a Director of the International Authentication Association. Prior to his current role he was Sales Director for Essentra’s Authentication Technologies business and before that he was Marketing Manager for secure track & trace and serialisation technology company FractureCode, providing a wealth of experience relevant to the FMD.

Simon Wildash,

Head of Marketing

Simon has over 20 years experience within the consumer packaging and security industries. He has held a variety of commercially focused roles within Essentra’s Packaging & Securing Solutions Division, including being Area Director for ID Solutions for 5 years. Recently as Head of Marketing he has worked to focus on the value packaging products deliver to consumers and brand owners worldwide through the ‘Packaging Resolved’ campaign across consumer & healthcare markets.

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Key Learning Objectives

  • Packaging offers an ideal means to protect goods from both counterfeit & tampering challenges.
  • The legislative requirements within the EU Falsified Medicines Directive demand tamper-evident solutions.
  • An integrated security approach can deliver authentication & tamper evidence within packaging.
  • Essentra Packaging has a range of cost effective tamper evident & authentication packaging solutions.


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  • Packaging Managers
  • Security Manager
  • Brand Protection Manager