Cut Enrollment Timeline in Half with Centralized Patient Recruitment

Sponsored by: Acurian

Focused on:

    Date: 15 June


    Time: UK 3PM / USA 10AM ET

    The Real Truth About Patient Recruitment & Retention

    While centralized patient recruitment services have been around for over a decade, many trial sponsors do not have a clear understanding of what these services entail, much less what to expect in terms of a Return On Investment.

    This webinar uses metrics-driven case studies across multiple therapeutic areas to provide attendees with objective data supporting the fact that centralized patient recruitment can reduce clinical enrollment timelines by 50% or more when properly executed.

    Important patient recruitment topics covered include: current tactics and social media trends; patient privacy and data handling; how protocol I/E drives price; how to avoid outrageous advertising fees; and more.

    Presented by

    Joe O'Rourke,

    Sr. Manager, Customer Solutions  

    Joe brings 8 years of clinical research experience in patient enrollment operations, project delivery, patient care, and study execution. He has managed over 40 recruitment campaigns at Acurian across a diverse array of therapeutic areas. Today, he designs and develops customized patient enrollment solutions for Acurian’s customers. Prior to Acurian, Joe held positions within project delivery at United BioSource Corporation, at the Chester County Hospital providing cardiology care, and as a research assistant at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine performing metabolic research. Joe holds a B.S. in Kinesiology from West Chester University and is completing an M.B.A. from Villanova University.

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    Key Learning Objectives

    • How centralized patient recruitment and retention is priced
    • How centralized patient recruitment and retention applies to global studies
    • When to use centralized patient recruitment and retention
    • How to decide what type of company is right for your study


    • UCB Pharma - Medical Director (Immunology)
    • Bristol-Myers Squibb - Associate Outsourcing Manager
    • Bayer Healthcare - Clinical Research Manager
    • AstraZeneca - Director (Clinical Outsourcing)
    • Johnson and Johnson - Senior Sourcing Manager