Clinical trials - can we do things differently? A perspective from the diabetes space

Sponsored by: George Clinical

Focused on:

  • Drug
  • Development
  • Diabetes

Date: 19 February


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

How are diabetes trials showing the need for a paradigm shift in clinical trial approaches

Some estimate that it now takes $2b to develop a compound to market. Not only is this unsustainable for patients and caregivers, it is unsustainable for industry if drug development no longer becomes a profitable exercise.

What changes are urgently required? What novel developments are occurring? Which ones can be applied practically? Professor Bruce Neal, noted thought leader in diabetes research and clinical trial methodology discusses these points, drawing on his vast experience in cardiovascular and diabetes trials in Asia Pacific and around the world.

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Presented by

Professor Bruce Neal,

Scientific Director for George Clinical and a Senior Director at the George Institute for Global Health

Bruce Neal is responsible for the conception, design and delivery of large-scale Phase III and IV studies in the cardiovascular field. Bruce works across industry and academia trying to marry the academic inspiration of free-thinking researchers with the operational excellence of Big Pharma and the clinical research business.

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Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand why a paradigm shift is required in clinical trials.
  • Become aware of novel developments in clinical trial methodology.
  • Understand which ones can be practically applied.
  • Improved knowledge of developments in diabetes research.


  • Cardiovascular Researchers
  • Diabetes Researchers
  • Senior personnel in research and development
  • Outsourcing and procurement