Adapting to new Market Realities - Achieving Launch Excellence in Oncology

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    Date: 14 April


    Time: 14:00 BST

    Achieving Launch Excellence in Oncology

    Biotechnology and pharmaceutical manufacturers are paying a high price as the Oncology market is maturing and access is increasingly restricted.
    As a result, commercial challenges arise to adapt to new realities when it comes to launch.
    What are the rules of the game? What are the key success factors? How should companies prepare to plan and execute a successful launch strategy in Oncology?

    Building on IMS' previous Launch Excellence studies (2007, 2008 and 2009), the IMS Global Oncology Launch Excellenceâ„¢ study examines how the Oncology world has evolved and what are the implications for launch. IMS has looked at some of the most significant targeted therapies launched and interviewed experts in the field to understand what drove success and how these drivers differ from other therapy areas.

    Please join our IMS Oncology Launch Excellence expert Wolfram Lux, Principal, IMS Management Consulting for this exclusive briefing on this study and take away learnings on how to improve Oncology launches for your organisation.

    Presented by

    Dr.Wolfram Lux,

    Principal Management Consulting, IMS Health

    Wolfram is Principal in the IMS Management Consulting team of IMS Health -dedicated to Launch Excellence in Oncology. Having previously held the position of the Head of Oncology Center of Excellence EMEA he has expertise in this therapy area.
    Prior joining IMS in 2006 he gained 6 years of Onco-industry experience in the pharmaceutical industry where he held positions in Research, Medical Affairs and Marketing in the Oncology Business of a mid-sized Pharma-company. In his industry career he gained experience in the following areas

    - Molecular research in Cancer (Glioblastoma)
    - Clinical trial design and Investigator Sponsored Studies (ISS) management in Solid Tumor Oncology for PTK/ZK 787
    - Key Opinion Leader identification & management in Hematological & Solid Tumor Oncology
    - Medical therapeutic intelligence in Hematological & Solid Tumor Oncology
    - Product Management in Hematological Oncology for MabCampath

    Prior to his industry career he gained 4 years of consulting experience with companies such as Catenion & Theron in the life science industry exclusively.
    Wolfram holds a diploma in Chemistry from the ETH- Zürich & Harvard University and a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from the Free University in Berlin. His work has been published in peer-reviewed journals and presented at a number of conferences.
    Wolfram also holds a sub-bachelor degree in Business Administration.

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    Key Learning Objectives

    • How to optimise your lifecycle strategy: the increased need to pursue an optimal indication sequencing strategy to maximize return
    • How to make the right segmentation tradeoffs
    • How to employ novel approaches to gain payer acceptance
    • How to build a strong oncology franchise and the best approaches to stakeholder management


    • Head of Sales & marketing Effectiveness - France - Ipsen
    • Head of Marketing Activation - Bayer
    • Director RM - GSK
    • Marketing Director Europe & Emerging Markets - GSK
    • Clinical Research Project Manager - GSK
    • Marketing & Business Dvt. Director - Pierre Guerin Technology S.A.