Airport Digital Transformation – The role of wireless connectivity

Sponsored by: Nokia

Focused on:

  • Airport Digital
  • Wireless Connectivity

Date: 9 March


Time: 4PM London / 5PM CET

Private wireless is the first step in an airport’s Digital Transformation journey leading to the optimization of operations. With Industry 4.0 digital strategies and enabling technologies upon us, airports have a big opportunity to gain efficiencies by moving from paper-based to more cost-efficient digital processes. The digitization of airport processes calls for a reliable wireless connection.

Private LTE/5G wireless technology offers ultra-reliable, high bandwidth, low latency connectivity throughout the airport. This wireless network will become a strategic asset to the airport enabling it to enhance operational efficiencies, increase situational and operational awareness, and improve the passenger experience. Furthermore, by enabling cost effective connectivity at both airside and terminal side, new opportunities for operational efficiency gains present themselves as well as ensuring business continuity is maintained.

A good digital transformation strategy, based on enabling sound Airport Collaborative Decision Making, defines a digital airport by connecting processes, people, and assets. LTE/5G private wireless will be a key enabler in this transformation.

During the webinar, we will discuss:
1. How innovative airports are taking advantage of digital technologies and connectivity options
2. How these technologies can make your airport operations more connected and efficient.
3. LTE/5G private wireless technology.
4. What business models, spectrum options and deployment options are available

Presented by

Mark Brant,

Enterprise Business Development, Nokia

Mark Brant leads the business development efforts for private wireless within Nokia Enterprise for the North American market with a focus on the Transportation and Logistics sectors. He is responsible for the identification of new business opportunities, application of Nokia’s vast technology portfolio and evangelizing the advent of Private LTE/5G technology.

In his previous role with FedEx, he served as the Chief Engineer in wireless systems development helping propel FedEx to the forefront of innovation using wireless technologies to solve business problems. In the course of a 20+ year career he observed and maneuvered FedEx through an ever changing landscape of wireless technologies from the early adoption of emerging 802.11 standards through all generations of GSM, Bluetooth, Zigbee and private wireless.

Before joining FedEx in 1998, Mark served as a senior engineer responsible for wireless communications systems with Memphis Light Gas & Water, the country’s largest three service public utility. Mark designed and deployed the first generation of digital multi-site simulcast Land Mobile Radio with voice and data capability for the Utility’s county wide operations.

Mark Brant is a native of Memphis, TN and has a BSEE from Christian Brothers University with a focus on wireless communications. Mark enjoys the outdoors and spending time with his family.

Niren Choudhury,

Bus Dev - Aviation, Ports and Transportation, Nokia

Niren Choudhury is heading Business Development functions for Aviation, Ports and Transportation of North America in Nokia Corporation. His area of interest in Airport domain includes the Modernization of Airports using advanced communication technologies, IOT and Cybersecurity.

Niren has been invited to speak on various International Aviation Conferences on the subjects of (a) Non-Aviation Revenue through constant connectivity in every touch points (b) Passenger loyalty and (c) Operational efficiencies using state of the art communication applications and technologies. He is also a member of many airport committees and has created a vast industry network consists of Consultants, Operators, EPCs, Partners and Civil Aviation Authorities.

Prior to his airport assignment, he was the CTO for Middle East Region in Alcatel-Lucent located in Dubai, Cairo and Istanbul. He has been with AT&T, Lucent, Lucent-Philips JV, Alcatel –Lucent, Nokia for 33+ years in various capacities after joining AT&T Bell Labs. He headed Lucent Reliability Program. Served as Senior Director for Design & Engineering in China & Asia Pacific region located in Shanghai and Qingdao. Niren also served five years in India in design and installation of Transmission Line Network prior to emigrating to US for his master’s degree in electrical engineering. He has completed his Ph.D course work from Rutgers University. Niren’s expertise includes wide ranges of Telecom Products, Solutions and Applications in aviation and transportation industry.

Key Learning Objectives

  • How innovative airports are taking advantage of digital technologies and connectivity options
  • How these technologies can make your airport operations more connected and efficient.
  • LTE/5G private wireless technology.
  • What business models, spectrum options and deployment options are available


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  • Chief Strategy Officer
  • Chief Digital Officer
  • Chief Innovation Officer
  • Chief Operations Officer
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