Understanding how to optimize your packaging operations with the use of Robots

Sponsored by: ABB US

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    Date: 8 May


    Time: 3PM London/ 10AM New York

    Analysing 6 different case studies of how robotic implementation impacted packaging operations

    Are you currently facing issues with one or all of the following regarding your packaging line?

    • Speed
    • Precision
    • Sanitation
    • Minimisation of Waste
    • Lowering of Costs
    • Workplace Safety.

    Current research has shown that the above issues are typically the primary concerns in establishing the optimal packaging line for your operations. With significant advancements in programming simplicity, flexibility and cost-effective implementation, more companies are turning to robotic automation to upgrade their packaging operations.

    In the first part of the presentation, Rick Tallian of ABB Robotics will take an in-depth look into how six different companies have enhanced their packaging operations with the use of industrial robots. Learn how a frozen food company and a baby product company improved their picking lines, how robotic case packing upgrades helped both a cheese manufacturer and a major pharmaceutical company, and how a furniture company and household products manufacturer solved their palletizing issues. Rick will detail the challenges that were overcome, the system design considerations and the performance metrics, before and after installation.

    In the last half of the presentation, Rick will conclude with a review of recent advancements in robotic technology, including the improved software that have made robots easier to install, program and control and the sleeker design of robots that have brought the benefits of greater precision, speed and throughput to a wide range of applications. By the end of the presentation Rick will explain how robotic technology is now an affordable solution for companies of all sizes.

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    Presented by

    Rick Tallian,

    Consumer Industry Manager

    Rick is a member of the ABB Worldwide Packaging Management Team and is the Consumer Industry Manager for ABB Robotics, North America. He has over 25 years of experience interfacing with consumer goods manufacturers to understand the processes for improving their packaging operations, and with the optimal utilization of robots in packaging applications. He has led new technology initiatives, established new system integrators in the North American Market, and has assisted numerous companies successfully implement robotic packaging systems.

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    Key Learning Objectives

    • What aspects of robotic automation can potentially benefit your packaging line?
    • What process improvements can you expect from installing robotic automation?
    • What considerations must be addressed in designing and integrating robots into your packaging line?
    • How much flexibility will I have to add new product configurations to my operation once robots are installed.


    • CEO/President/Chairman/Executive Director
    • Heads of manufacturing
    • Heads of packaging
    • Heads of procurement
    • Heads of marketing
    • Operations manager