Understanding how to Reduce Environmental Impact
in Food Production using Life Cycle Assessments

Sponsored by: SIK

Focused on:

    Date: 27 March


    Time: 3PM London/ 10AM New York

    Learn the effect this has on your product and brands image

    Media and public perception is often on a product’s “Carbon Footprint”, which only addresses climate chain issues. However, as research has become more accessible we are starting to understand that there is a greater issue on our hands; the products “Entire Environmental Footprint”.

    How does your organisation overcome your products impact on environmental and climate change issues?

    Product Life Cycle Assessment will help raise the understanding in environmental awareness development for both your industry and the individual product’s production chain from agriculture to point of purchase (or shop floor).

    This webinar will explore, in depth, possibilities for reducing environmental impact and how this will increase efficiency, reduce resource use and improve the image of your company’s brand.

    This session will be an eye opening presentation divulging experience while addressing all the steps in the production chain from raw material farming, to processing, as well as waste management, and not just focusing around the packaging and transportation footprints. Using the food processing industry as the case study for this presentation, this session will have wide impact across different verticals and industries and highlight the challenges faced by all types of organisations.

    Register today for this FREE session to learn how information regarding LCA (life cycle assessments) can be used proactively during the product development process to help improve performance, address environmental ‘hot spots’ or help in the process of educating employees, suppliers and customers about how to help in reducing impact in the ‘Entire Environmental Footprint’.

    Presented by

    Ulf Sonesson,

    Research Director at SIK

    Ulf Sonesson has a PhD in System analysis from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and started his research career at SIK, the Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology in 1999. He is now vice president for the department of Sustainable Food Production and Research manager at SIK. During his work he has developed the LCA methodology for the food sector and introduced new applications for the methodology to the food industry. Ulf is a well known profile in the food and environmental research network in Europe.

    Katarina Nilsson,

    Senior Consultant, Sustainable Food Production

    Katarina Nilsson graduated for a PhD in Food Science in 1994 at Chalmers University of Technology. Since 1995 she has been working at SIK and at present she is a senior consultant at the department of Sustainable Food Production. During her time at SIK she has been working as a project manager in both applied contract work for the Swedish and European food industry and in EU funded research projects. She has a very broad competence in food science and well experienced in environmental assessments of products and production systems for the food industry.

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    Key Learning Objectives

    • How to significantly enhance product image as well as brand image with a reduced environmental footprint
    • How an Increased knowledge on value and processing chain can enable environmental improvements
    • What effects a lower footprint has on production efficiencies
    • How LCA provides information to be used for external communication and reduced pressure from the people that matter


    • Large international Food & Beverage Enterprises/Companies
    • CEO/President/Chairman/Executive Director
    • Heads of Sustainable development
    • Sustainability Managers
    • Heads of Environmental Management
    • Heads of CSR
    • Heads of R&D
    • Production managers
    • Heads of QA and Quality managers
    • Heads of Innovation and Innovation managers
    • Heads of Marketing
    • Product developers
    • Purchaser