The Power of Advanced Analytics in Strategic Planning

Sponsored by: Signals Analytics

Focused on:

  • Advanced Analytics
  • Strategic Planning

Date: 4 August


Time: 4PM London/11AM New York

In a COVID-19 World, Actionable Intelligence is Key to Coming Out Ahead

We are entering the season of strategic planning, where executives build roadmaps, operational plans, and realign their business to yearly goals and objectives. It is also a time to do a reset of mid-to-long term strategic direction and priorities and focus on key initiatives and issues that are needed to attain long term goals. This process is unfortunately often ineffective; 56% of business executives say the time spent on strategic planning is wasted and a mere 31% say strategic plans help them meet their five-year goals (according to Gartner).

In this webinar, we will discuss how to break this pattern with advanced analytics and how an analytics platform can support the decision-making process, depending on the level of insight that is required. By collecting and classifying a multitude of data sets, analytics platforms can surface actionable intelligence that will guide product launches, shifts in product portfolios, e-commerce strategies, messaging, marketing spend and more.

Using curated taxonomies and the latest in NLP technologies, advanced analytics is capable of connecting disparate, unstructured data sets covering the voice of the consumer, Key Opinion Leaders, product reviews, business updates and other signals of innovation to generate predictive models and align consumer needs with potential areas of innovation. Taken together, these insights can help to breakdown data siloes and provide the entire organization with a unified approach to solving business problems and achieving long term goals.

Join us as Co-Founder and Chief Research Officer of Signals Analytics, Kobi Gershoni, explains how best to apply advanced analytics in the strategic planning process and align use cases and internal methodologies that embrace big data outcomes. He will discuss how configurable data platforms make it much easier to adopt this approach, so the strategic planning process is effective and impactful in attaining competitive advantage and profitability for years to come.

Presented by

Kobi Gershoni,

Co-Founder/Chief Research Officer

Prior to co-founding Signals Analytics, Kobi was a Senior Analyst and Information Officer for an elite intelligence unit in the Israel Defense Forces, where he began to contemplate and refine the incorporation of open source intelligence into the growth plans of consumer brands and innovation agendas of life sciences companies. Kobi holds an MBA in Finance and Strategy as well as a BA in International Relations from Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Learn how advanced analytics leveraging external data can effectively power the strategic planning process to gain and maintain a sustainable competitive advantage
  • Map out how an analytics platform supports specific types of decisions
  • Best practices in aligning use cases and internal methodologies that embrace big data outcomes to maximize the impact of analytics in the strategic planning process
  • Using case studies, demonstrate the execution of a strategic plan leveraging insights gained through advanced analytics


  • Data & Analytics
  • R&D/Product Innovation
  • Consumer Market Insights
  • Brand & Marketing