Simplify Your Packaging Management and Approvals In 6 Steps

Sponsored by: ESKO

Focused on:

  • Packaging
  • Streamline Processing
  • Packaging Process

Date: 28 November


Time: 4PM CET

Unclutter communication and streamline processes based on industry best practices

1. When you start a new packaging project do you have challenges with everybody, including suppliers and agencies, understanding who does what when?

2. Do you wish for a template that provides a way to guide your packaging stakeholders through the entire process, based on industry best practices?

3. Do you struggle communicating with the wide variety of internal and external collaborators and capturing their input into a single place?

4. Do you use time trying to find the correct version and understanding who has reviewed and approved design and content?

5. Is there a single place to see the status of your overall packaging project and progress on each component?

6. Do you have a clear view of how long it takes getting your packaging from ideation to shelf and an understanding of where improvements can be made?

If you said yes to any of these questions, Esko can help. Join us and learn how a step in packaging management system can simplify your communication, centralize your packaging assets, automate and control your workflows. Ultimately, it gets you to market faster and ensuring your brand integrity with a minimum of headaches.

If you can’t make it to the live webinar, please register regardless and we will send you the recording to watch at your convenience.

Presented by

Chris Stowe,

Global Brand Solution Manager

Chris has 25 years’ experience in the packaging and print industry. His experience ranges from graphic design, managing colour process for large Brand Owners to running and optimising large pre-media studios. Chris has always had a passion for utilising technology, smart solution development and integration to optimise internal and client workflows with great success. Currently Chris heads up Brand Solution Management at Esko.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Align communication between internal departments and suppliers.
  • Remove your versioning headaches and ensure you’re working on the latest variant.
  • Streamline and simplify the packaging review and approval process
  • Report on operational metrics as well as packaging bottlenecks, offering areas for improvement


  • Packaging Director/Manager
  • Artwork Manager
  • Design Manager
  • CMO
  • Marketing Operations Manager
  • Marketing Brand Manager
  • VP of Digital/Customer Experience (Omnichannel Marketing)
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Creative Studio Manager
  • IT Architect
  • CIO