Putting salt on hold. Naturally.

Sponsored by: Purac

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Date: 27 November


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Practical Sodium Reduction Solutions for today's Food Industry.

Excess sodium intake is considered a public health threat. It is linked to hypertension, increased risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease. As a result, health authorities have prioritized efforts to encourage reduction in sodium intake to address the toll on human health and the costs of healthcare associated with treating these problems, which amounts to billions of Euros.

Organizations, such as the Food Safety Authority (FSA) and National Salt Reduction Initiative (NSRI), have defined targets for decreases in the intake of sodium. Processed food accounts for 70% of sodium in consumers’ daily intake, creating tremendous pressure on the food industry to reduce sodium in products.

Consumers are becoming more critical when choosing food products, especially those aimed at promoting a healthier diet. They look to food producers to provide healthier options whilst still guaranteeing the same product quality they're used to.

Ready to put salt on hold?
Reducing sodium in food products is not an easy feat and there are numerous ways to reduce salt content in food products. All having varying effects on finished product taste, yield, flavour and shelf life.

In the Webinar "Reducing sodium in food. Naturally." We will examine the positive and negative traits of these methods and how to overcome the issues associated with currently available salt reduction strategies and provide food producers with the knowledge they need to still be able to produce tasty products that fall in line with both authority and consumer expectations.

In addition, Purac will showcase its award-winning, multifunctional, fermentation-based solutions, allowing food producers to reduce sodium by up to 40% without compromising the original product quality. Offering salty taste and improved texture while maintaining food safety and shelf life.

This free webinar will be presented by Cindy Beeren, Head of Sensory, Consumer and Market Research, Leatherhead Food Research and Simone Bouman, Purac Business Development Manager.

Presented by

Simone Bouman,

Manager Business Development Food, Purac

With over fifteen years of experience in the food industry, Purac’s own Simone Bouman has been involved in the introduction and sales of various salt replacers in both Europe and Asia, such as PuraQ® Arome NA4, Purac’s double award-winning sodium reduction solution. Simone is a well-known speaker at food industry events and webinars.

Cindy Beeren,

Head of Sensory, Consumer and Market Research, Leatherhead Food Research

Heading the Sensory, Consumer and Market Research platform at Leatherhead, Cindy’s role involves supervising sensory related activities, setting strategic directions and transferring generated knowledge to Leatherheads clients. She is graduated as a Food Marketer and has gained considerable experience working in the food & ingredient industry as a sensory technologist and a flavourist.

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Key Learning Objectives

  • Gain insight how to reduce sodium by up to 40%, while maintaining food safety and shelf life.
  • How to build a savoury and salty flavour profile, while cutting back on salt levels.
  • Reducing sodium while still meeting consumer demand for friendly labels.


  • Food Manufacturers
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  • R&D Managers
  • NPD Managers
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  • Category Managers
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