Optimising Water Usage in the Food and Beverage Industry

Sponsored by: Arvia Technology Ltd

Focused on:

  • Wastewater
  • Ro Reject Recovery
  • Water Dependency

Date: 17 September


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

A new solution for lowering discharge costs and improving water quality

From farm to factory, producing food is the most water intensive business on earth. This is exacerbated by 1/3 of total food production being in areas of high water stress or competition. The high water risk associated with this is now affecting corporate income and balance sheets by:

• Disrupting operation
• Limiting production due to water shortage
• Rising operational costs from water rate hikes and stricter regulations
• Reduced margins from higher commodity costs and decreased agricultural productivity

A new solution will be presented to treat low and trace problem organics that can help companies limit the cost of disposal and support water reuse by removing hard toxic recalcitrant COD. This includes the ability to eliminate:

• Herbicides and pesticides
• Colour in water
• Micro-pollutants

The technology provides the first in situ combination of adsorption with advanced oxidation, bringing the benefits of these two methods. In the webinar, Founder Director Dr Nigel Brown will reveal the latest case studies to show how Arvia Technology can tackle hard to treat contaminants.

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Presented by

Dr Nigel Brown,

Founding Director

Dr Nigel Brown is the Founder Director of Arvia Technology - a company based in north-west England which has patented an innovative method of removing micro-pollutants from water.

Dr Brown's extensive scientific knowledge combined with practical experience make him one of the world's leading authorities on the removal of micro pollutants from water and wastewater.

Trained in chemical engineering and environmental engineering, Dr Brown has had a far-reaching global career in the water industry which has included work in India, Canada, China, Italy and the US.

After university he spent 7 years as an international water and effluent troubleshooter for Foseco, ensuring the company fulfilled its obligations on water treatment around the world. He then joined as Process Engineering Manager for Simon Hartley Limited, a company specialising in the manufacture and design of effluent plants and equipment. Later, as an independent consultant he specialised in water management and wastewater treatment - which sparked his interest in improving traditional methods of removing toxic chemicals.

The technology at the core of Arvia was developed at the University of Manchester, where Dr Brown, working with Dr Ted Roberts, was a research fellow in the department of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Learn about a new technology to remove low and trace problematic contaminants in wastewater
  • Learn how to reduce discharge costs by using a water polishing technology
  • Learn how you can improve the amount of water reused
  • Learn how the perfect combination of adsorption and advanced oxidation could shape the water and wastewater treatment industry


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