Lyckeby Careful – functional clean label starch

Sponsored by: SSF

Focused on:

  • Clean
  • Ingredients
  • Food
  • Starch

Date: 10 December


Time: 2pm London / 3pm CET

What started out as a trend seems now to have settled down permanently. “Clean label foods” is a growing segment, and some may even say that it is a new norm. Consumers put higher demands on what they put into their bodies but are reluctant to compromise on quality criteria such as taste, appearance and convenience.

To meet this growing demand from consumers wanting high quality clean label food, the food industry is responding. Clean label ingredients have become an important strategic issue across the entire manufacturing chain.

SSF, Sveriges Stärkelseproducenter, förening u.p.a., present Lyckeby Careful - a unique range of sustainable and high performing clean label starches for the food industry. The innovative Careful technology developed by SSF, offers unique products that challenges the usage of modified starches in a wide range of demanding food processes.

Lyckeby Careful clean label starches provide viscosity and texture in chilled and frozen ready meals, dairy products, bakery custards and fillings, fruit preparations, meat applications and different plant based products. The latest addition to the Lyckeby Careful portfolio are functional potato starches designed to provide texture and crispness in coating and batters.

Lyckeby Careful always comes together with technical knowledge and expertise regarding functionality and usage in new product development or reformulation of existing product. We care about your products too!

During this webinar we will talk about SSF and our innovative Careful technology. The features and benefits of using Lyckeby Careful – clean label starches in different food processes and applications.

Presented by

Kalle Johansson ,

Research and Development Manager at SSF

Kalle Johansson is the Research and Development Manager at SSF. Kalle has a Degree in Chemical Engineering and with 18 years of experience working with research and development within starches for the food sector and the paper industry he is a reputable expert in the starch area. Kalle has also spent many years working with starch production side streams developing new processing techniques and new functional products for the industry.

Karolina Fridolf ,

Product Manager Lyckeby Careful at SSF

Karolina Fridolf has a Master in Food Science and is the Product Manager for Lyckeby Careful. Karolina started at SSF 6 years ago working as a Product Developer with focus on the clean label portfolio. Karolina has many years of experience working with customer projects in close relation with the customer and has a proven excellent technical knowledge about different food processes.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Sustainable production and product development at SSF
  • How to use Lyckeby Careful – high performing clean label starches in a wide range of industrial food processes
  • Clean label starch providing texture in applications such as ready meals, dairy products, bakery custards and fillings, fruit preparations, processed meat and plant based products
  • Lyckeby Careful clean label solutions for coating and batters


  • Heads of Research and Development
  • Product developers
  • Food technologists
  • Product managers
  • Brand managers
  • Marketing managers
  • Purchasing managers
  • Procurement managers
  • Application managers
  • Senior directors