Innovative and convenient closure solutions for honey, syrups & liquid confectionary

Sponsored by: BERICAP

Focused on:

  • Food Beverage Industrial Products

Date: 2 June


Time: 8AM West Coast/11AM New York/4PM London

Attractive on-shelf/on-screen, best consumer convenience, enhanced product experience and safety as well as supporting sustainability. These are key factors which modern packaging components ideally deliver to fast moving consumer goods such as the honey, syrups & liquid confectionaries. Together with the container the closure provides the major functionalities, when it comes to safety as well as consumer handling. From a consumer perspective: Appearance on shelf, brand perception, opening, clean and intuitive dispensing or dosing and re-closing are the main interfaces with your products. From a producer and retailer perspective: Supply, transportation, storage, eCommerce and on-shelf presentation are equally important. For all parties involved a minimized CO2 impact as well as an easy recyclability of food packaging is of significant importance.

BERICAP is one of the global market leaders in closures for food, beverage and industrial products. In this webinar the attendees will get an overview on BERICAP’s latest developments and how these provide superior consumer perception and handling as well as help to improve our customers’ carbon emissions balance sheet. Examples for significant light weighting initiatives as well as for recycling-friendly closure designs deliver pragmatic food for thought and the base for interactive discussions and planning.

Do not miss this this opportunity for an update on the latest trends and developments.

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Presented by

David Watson,

Business Development Director

David is a Business Development Director based in Toronto (CAN) with 30 years experience involved in caps and closures industry of which 24 years with Bericap. He specialises in sensitive Food and Beverage closures and systems development.

Alexander Knipp,

Sales Director - Food and Head of Business Segment KMS

Alexander Knipp is the Sales Director Food and Head of Business Segment KMS, based at BERICAP HQ in Mainz (GER). He has 20 years in leading positions in the caps & closure industry of which 7 years with BERICAP. He is focused on superior packaging solutions delivering consumer added value

Key Learning Objectives

  • Current packaging trends and requirements for honey, syrups & liquid confectionary
  • Introduction of BERICAP’s latest closure innovations
  • Get to know how BERICAP supports your closure needs from 1st idea to the filling line


  • Marketing Managers
  • Packaging Development Managers
  • Procurement Managers
  • Technical Development Managers