Inkjet Printing of Edible Inks

Sponsored by: Sensient Imaging Technologies

Focused on:

  • Digital Printing
  • Edible Inks
  • Digital Inks

Date: 28 November


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Challenges for digital printing in food and pharmaceutical applications

From the introduction of date coding onto eggs to the digital images adorning today’s birthday cakes, printing onto food and pharmaceutical products has long been established. There are now thousands of food and pharmaceutical items printed every day! In today’s market, the demand for personalization and traceability for items such as baked goods, pills and capsules is greater than ever before. However, so are the risks from micro contamination, heavy metals, pathogens or adulteration. These can affect consumers and businesses alike, leading to recalls or worse. There are more and more digital inks available today from all over the world, and protecting your brand and business by using safe and assured materials should be a primary concern. The question is, if you don’t know exactly where the inks are being manufactured and packaged, how do you know what is in them?

This webinar will provide an overview of the challenges facing businesses that use digital printing technology for food and pharmaceutical products, as well as the benefits digital printing can bring to these industries. There will also be an introduction that demonstrates why Sensient® should be your first-choice partner for delivering the product decoration quality and assurance you need in today’s market environment.

As a global leader in the development and production of colorants for the food and pharmaceutical industries, Sensient® is often recognized as the trusted brand behind our customers' brands. With a strong heritage in delivering innovative, high-quality digital inks for a range of industrial applications, we have the cross-industry expertise to understand the needs of markets and customers, from materials, to the digital print process, to maximizing performance and gaining value in the supply chain. Sensient® food colorants and digital inks are manufactured in FDA- and GMP-certified facilities, so we have extensive experience with the product safety and regulatory requirements needed to be compliant with food and pharmaceutical standards.

We have even taken our standards one step further by designing our own assurance plan. The product safety processes we put in place give our customers the guarantees they need to use our products with confidence.

No other supplier can offer the comprehensive compliance and assurance Sensient® FSE inks provides. To learn more about making your food or pharmaceutical products safer in today's market, register now for this important presentation. For the protection your customers and your business deserve.

Presented by

Simon Daplyn,

Marketing Manager

Dr Simon Daplyn Joined Sensient 2015 as part of their acquisition of Xennia Technology Ltd and is the Marketing Manager for the digital inks group.

Simon has experience in development of digital inks and processes, commercial implementation and direct sales across a number of applications and industries.

Adam Stack,

Product Manager

Adam Stack joined Sensient in 2015 as a Product Manager, with responsibilities for Product and Marketing Management for the Digital Inks team.

Adam has experience implementing and executing product commercialization, marketing communications initiatives, as well as creation and launch of Sensient’s assurance plan for Edible inks.

Key Learning Objectives

  • How digital printing can grow your brand
  • Protecting your reputation
  • Assuring product safety
  • Experience counts


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  • CEO
  • Compliance manager
  • Marketing Director
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