Implementation of inkjet printing to decorate food

Sponsored by: Sensient Imaging Technologies

Focused on:

  • Inkjet
  • Brand Value

Date: 19 November


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Understanding how inkjet can help differentiate food products and enhance brand value without compromising product safety

With the rise of micro-brands and trends for artisanal and more personal food experiences, the need to differentiate product to retain and grow market share is greater than ever.

Inkjet printing provides an ideal method to decorate products as diverse as chips, cookies, macarons, chocolate and gum sticks. When using the right ink, digital printing is a non-contact decoration process reducing contamination risks and providing image detail and quality surpassing other methods. Today inkjet printing is an industrial scale reality with customers benefitting from a growing consumer demand for product that delivers on multiple levels. Applications range from adding the latest movie characters to a frosted cookie to creating visual textures to enhance the sensory experience of eating a flavoured snack.

As the technology evolves, it is more critical than ever that digital inks used for printing food are compliant with the latest global food safety requirements and that product is registered for use. Further to the inks, partners are needed to bring the concept to reality be that an off-line decoration system or a fully integrated solution within a production line.

This webinar will detail the latest advances in digital printing inks for food, their industrial application and outline the potential for the technology moving forward.

Presented by

Simon Daplyn,

Marketing Manager

Dr Simon Daplyn Joined Sensient 2015 as part of their acquisition of Xennia Technology Ltd and is the Marketing Manager for the digital inks group.

Simon has experience in development of digital inks and processes, commercial implementation and direct sales across a number of applications and industries.

Key Learning Objectives

  • How to use digital printing in food decoration
  • How to maintain product safety
  • How digital printing is an industrial reality
  • Creating value


  • Head of innovation
  • Business Development Director
  • CEO
  • Compliance manager
  • Marketing Director
  • Product Manager