How Cleaner Conveyor Belts Can Benefit Your Operation

Sponsored by: Flexco

Focused on:

  • Food And Beverage

Date: 26 May


Time: 2PM London/3PM CET

Identifying the Five Costs of Carryback and How to Fix Them

Is product waste a problem in your operation? Is product falling off the belt onto the floor, causing slip hazards for your employees and leaving revenue to be swept away? Or is the product sticking to your other conveyor components, seizing rollers and damaging expensive conveyor belts? It sounds like residual material build-up on belts caused by sticky, oily, or even dry, floury conveyed materials “carrying back” past the discharge is costing your operation precious output, while negatively affecting worker safety and your bottom line.

In this Webinar, Flexco experts will explain what carryback is and how it could be costing your operation time, money, manpower, and more. We’ll walk through how to identify issues caused by carryback – diminished product quality, worker safety challenges, sanitation struggles, cross-contamination scares, and conveyor belt and component damage – and how to address them.

Where are you in the fight against carryback? Have you scheduled more downtime to clean up the mess, or increased your maintenance team to get everything cleaned and back up and running more quickly? Due to necessity, maybe you have come up with a belt scraping solution. Learn about engineered cleaning/scraping solutions that are now available and how they clean better than the improvised scraping devices you may be using. Hear real-life stories of how carryback reduction with engineered belt cleaners has increased product output, worker safety, and uptime for operations just like yours.

Reduce maintenance costs. Limit unscheduled downtime. Extend belt life. Identify the five costs of carryback and learn how you can eliminate carryback and increase your ROI by signing up for this free Webinar today.

Presented by

Todd Stewart,

Industry Manager

Stewart has been with Flexco for 29 years, working in various roles from customer service, to manufacturing, to training and new product development. As Industry Manager, Stewart thoroughly researches target industries, creating programs to support each industry and identifying customer issues, as well as potential product solutions. Stewart currently leads the development of the Parcel Handling Industry Program and is responsible for ensuring that Flexco is positioned to serve the needs of our global customers. Stewart earned a bachelor’s degree in Marketing with a B2B specialty from Davenport University.

Ramses Banda Marquez,

Product Manager

Banda Marquez manages the overall marketing strategy and activities associated with the light-duty mechanical fastener line and belt conveyor products. He brings expertise in marketing, product management, operations, engineering, and supply chain management to Flexco, along with extensive experience in distribution and international business. Banda Marquez also holds patents in both the U.S. and Australia. Banda Marquez earned a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Baja California State University and a master's degree in Project Management from Keller Graduate School of Management.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand carryback and how it affects your system.
  • Recognize the five ways carryback can cost your operation.
  • Learn how the issues presented by carryback have been solved with real-life results.
  • Find solutions to carryback along the conveyor line with engineered belt cleaners.


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  • Operations Manager
  • Sanitation Manager
  • Plant Manager
  • Project Engineer
  • Quality Manager
  • Quality Engineer
  • Compliance Manager
  • Director of Operations
  • Safety Manager
  • Research and Development
  • Plant Engineer
  • Reliability Engineer