Granular Activated Carbon – Sanitization and Steam Stripping

Sponsored by: Evoqua Water Technologies LLC

Focused on:

  • Carbon
  • Sanitization

Date: 7 December


Time: 4pm London / 11am New York

If your company employs and depends on Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) within your process, then you are aware of the challenges that surround its usage. Many Food & Beverage companies utilize GAC within their processes utilizing its highly porous adsorptive characteristics for removal of unwanted constituents from their water. Activated Carbon can be made from a variety of materials and manufactured by different methods which can affect its adsorptive characteristics. Regular sanitizations are a requirement for all manufacturers who have activated carbon within their process. If you are concerned with microbiological contamination within your product or system, then proper and effective sanitizations should be part of your regular operating procedures.

This webinar will review some basics around activated carbon including the various types available, how it is manufactured, and key properties which make GAC a useful tool within your process. The webinar will also discuss why sanitizations are required, the difference between steam stripping and steam sanitizations and the various types of sanitization procedures that are available to control biofouling and microbial growth. Finally, this webinar will discuss what an effective sanitization should look like and what the desired components of an ideal sanitization are.

If you are using GAC within your process, then the prevention of microbial growth within your system is important to you. Without proactive microbial control, your carbon towers can become a source of contamination. Please register for this hour long webinar which will review the basics of carbon, the types of sanitizations that are available and what an effective sanitization should look like.

Presented by

Jim Ceklosky,

Food & Beverage Business Development

Jim Ceklosky is a Business Developer for the Food & Beverage Market for Evoqua Water Technologies LLC, located at 181 Thorn Hill Road, Warrendale, PA 15086. Jim has worked in a variety of industries including the chemical and power industries for 5 years. He currently has been working in the water and wastewater industry with Evoqua for the past 15 years. In his earlier years with Evoqua he was a project engineer responsible for the specification, engineering, and installation of projects covering micro-electronics, power, and food & beverage industries. He received an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering from The Pennsylvania State University and a master’s degree in chemical engineering from the University of Pittsburgh.

Harry DeLonge,

Senior Technical Expert

Harry DeLonge is President of Tri-Lake Group, a division of DeLonge Technologies, Inc.

• Food and Beverage consultant for Evoqua Water Technologies
• Presently consulting for Dover Furnace Water Co., Central Dover Development Corp and BioLargo, Inc.
• Most recent consulting for Keurig Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc., and Aquatech International Corp.
• Past consulting for Cadbury Schweppes, Johnson-Diversey, Atlantium, and a long time consulting commitment to USFilter including through the Veolia and Siemens acquisitions.
• As part of the service to USFilter, consulted for Process Systems and Components on specialty designs for the food and beverage industry.
• Completed and published the latest manufacturing manual for Cadbury Schweppes, and also wrote both the Pepsi-Cola International Production Manual and Pepsi’s “Guidelines for Selecting Wastewater Treatment Technology”.
• Inventor of the Siemens “HOT” System (Heat Optimized Technology) for carbon towers and currently installed in a number of operating facilities.

Past Accomplishments:

• Retired from Pepsi-Cola International after 40+ years of service. Last two assignments as VP of Technical Services and VP of Manufacturing Technology with responsibilities encompassing over 300 beverage plants.
• Key role in Pepsi’s successful entrance into the China market, and their re-entrance into India’s beverage and snack food markets.
• Awarded a number of US and International patents in the fields of water treatment, wastewater treatment technology and with water reclamation systems. Well published in these areas and in other food and beverage technologies.
• Past President of the International Society of Beverage Technologists. Awarded a number of Best Paper (2) and Best Committee (3) awards by the Society.
• A “Life” member of the AWWA (Gold Water Drop Award)

Key Learning Objectives

  • Basics of Carbon
  • Why is activated carbon sanitization required?
  • What is the difference between steam stripping and steam sanitization?
  • Types of sanitizations & what an ideal sanitization looks like


  • Quality Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Maintenance Manager
  • Plant Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Quality Control
  • Technical Staff
  • Plant Engineer
  • Sanitation Personnel
  • Water System Staff
  • Sustainability Leaders