Good vibrations... with new cheese preparations!

Sponsored by: Emsland Group

Focused on:

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Date: 11 December


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

How to use a new casein-free vegan solution for the production of cheese preparations

The name cheese is reserved to products manufactured with specific ingredients following traditional methods. Blends containing only a proportion of cheese are named “cheese preparations”. New innovative products with cheesy appearance, melting behavior, taste and consistency may not be called cheese but are positioned as “cheese analogues” or “imitation cheese”. They allow food manufacturers to:

• reduce costs
• maintain production capacity at high level during periods of decreased milk supply
• produce vegan analogues
• add healthy, vegetable oils to their products

Emsland Group’s food starches for the cheese industry offer unlimited potential for using cheese curd, cut-offs and other cheese waste to develop innovative processed and analogue cheese products.

Our starches are compatible with existing equipment and processing parameters while our Emcheese-Mor® range provides convenient all-in-one blends for imitation and processed cheese products. Also a vegan solution, that's free from lactose, animal protein, soy, and cholesterol, will be available.

Typical areas of application for this ready mix are among others:
• Pizza toppings
• Salad bar shreds
• Processed cheeses
• Cheese sauces
• Vegan formulations
• Individually wrapped slices

If you are considering reduced and casein-free blends as an “all in one” solution for the production of cheese preparations these insights will help you to serve all your cheese development needs.

Presented by

Thomas Pruter,

Director Research & Development

Thomas Pruter is a food expert with 25 years experience in food technology, food formulations and food stabilization as a team or project leader. Thomas achieved a masters degree in Food Science in 1991.

Ansgar Balzer,

Research & Development Dep., Application Food

From 2000 – 2003 he completed training as a chef and worked in that area for a couple of years (at different restaurants). In 2009 he passed his training as a food-technical assistant and began to study Food Technology at the University of Applied Science in East-Westphalia.

After acheiving a degree in 2012, he started to work in the Research and Development Department (Application Food, Segment Dairy) of Emsland Group.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Our reduced and casein-free blends make analogue cheese products consumer appealing and cost effective
  • The mainly starch based Emcheese®-Mor products has a good stretchability, water-oil stability and shredability
  • All-in-one Emcheese®-Mor solution works on your current equipment and processing parameters
  • Also vegan solution, that's free from lactose, animal protein, soy, and cholesterol, will be available


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