Going Digital in a Consumer Goods Lab

Sponsored by: Dassault Systèmes - BIOVIA

Focused on:

  • E L N
  • Consumer Goods Lab
  • Digital Transition

Date: 24 October


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

The Time is Right to Switch to an Electronic Lab Notebook in the Consumer Goods Industry

The Consumer Goods industry has lagged others in the adoption of electronic lab notebooks (ELNs) in the past few years, but in the current fast paced innovation-driven market, a digital transition will help organizations gain a competitive edge.

With ever-increasing regulations and the need for constant product innovation, an ELN helps lab productivity and provides much easier collaboration across departments and global locations, while starting the digital thread of information that can follow a product all the way through an organization.

This webinar will discuss the key aspects of how the consumer goods development lab can benefit from an ELN, and how Food & Beverage (F&B), Cosmetics and Tobacco companies can leverage it to strengthen their digital strategies as well as their competitiveness.

Presented by

Steve Hayward,

Product Marketing Manager at Dassault Systemes BIOVIA

Steve Hayward is a PhD in Chemical Engineering, with a background in laboratory informatics, chemical modeling, and environmental analysis.

Steve currently leads product marketing efforts for informatics solutions at Dassault Systèmes BIOVIA.

Key Learning Objectives

  • How specific challenges of Consumer Goods companies like F&B, Cosmetics and tobacco can be addressed with a digital lab approach
  • How companies are using ELN’s to drive collaboration, efficiency and compliance
  • How to overcome typical ELN implementation concerns
  • How an ELN streamlines lab workflows, rather than impeding them


  • Lab Scientist
  • Lab Manager
  • Computational Chemist
  • Quality Manager
  • Lab Resource Manager
  • Lab Procedure Manager
  • SVP/VP/Director/Head of Research & Development
  • Head of Innovation/Scientific Innovation
  • VP Research IT
  • IT
  • General Manager Food & Beverage
  • VP/SVP/Director/Head of EH&S
  • Product Development Scientist
  • Product Development Engineer
  • Formulator